Nicki Minaj Album Song ‘Bed Of Lies’ debuts at MTV EMA

Nicki Minaj Album Song 'Bed Of Lies'  debuts at MTV EMA

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A song titled “Bed of Lies” from an album by Nicki Minaj had its debut at an MTV show recently.

Nicki Minaj took to the stage at the 2014 MTV EMA and the way she performed was simply mindblowing. Mouths were left open in the audience as the performance was the best anyone had ever seen. 

She was in a translucent dark dress that clung to her luscious sexy body. She sat in a golden regal seat as she had light red laser beams all over the place. And HAWT dancers surrounded her figure. 

She let loose the teaser that she had a very wondrous gift for her Barbz. She then sang the song Bed of Lies with Eminem’s pal Skylar Grey. Skylar was seated at a piano and sang the vocals and he was soon joined by Minaj. 

She sang the staccato rhythm of the song. Finally the song Anaconda came on and Nicki totalled the crowd with a fanfare in the end. Her bootylicious moves sure wowed the audience and the hip jerks and half-naked male dancers too entertained them to no end. 

Among the others songs that Nicki sang there was that one called Superbass. Nicki also hosted the MTV awards show. As for Bed of Lies, it comes right off her latest album titled The Pink Print. 

Nicki Minaj truly deserves the title “Her Minajesty” for her feline femme fatale supersexy and seductive ways. She can reduce men to jelly in a matter of seconds. 

If ever there was a bad girl a la Marilyn Monroe, Nicki is it! Pills N Potion was another album by Nicki that became quite famous. Nicki got the Best Hip Hop Award at the show. 

She is a consummate musician and her songs have much more depth than say Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande. The melodies and tunes are inspiring and very good to hear. 

Truly, if there was such a thing as listening pleasure, we would recommend Nicki Minaj as a nostrum. Nicki will nuke your ears back into the peaceful lullaby of a stone age. She definitely has the ability to grow onto her audience with her genius mind. 

Seldom has one seen such extreme capacity to create such beautiful music that no one else can copy at all. It is proof that there is artistic talent in Black Americans a la Michael Jackson.

Nicki at the 2014 EMAs #nickiminaj #barbz

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A video posted by Nicki Minaj (@minajvideos) on

Bed of lies ft Skylar Grey #nickiminaj #barbz

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Bed of lies ft Skylar Grey (2) #nickiminaj #barbz

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Bed of lies ft Skylar Grey (3) #nickiminaj #barbz

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Complete list of 2014 MTV EMA is given below:

Best Song: Problem (Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea)

Best Pop: One Direction

Best Female: Ariana Grande

Best Male: Justin Bieber

Best Live: One Direction 

Best New: 5 Seconds Of Summer

Best Video: Dark Horse – Katy Perry feat. Juicy J

Best Rock: Linkin Park

Best Alternative: Thirty Seconds To Mars

Best Hip-Hop: Nicki Minaj

CONGRATS to @nickiminaj for winning Best Hip Hop! #MTVEMA

Fotka zveřejněná uživatelem MTV EMA (@mtvema) on

Best Electronic: Calvin Harris

Biggest Fans: One Direction

Best Look: Katy Perry

Best Song With A Message: Beyoncé – Pretty Hurts

Best Push: 5 Seconds Of Summer

Best World Stage: Enrique Iglesias – MTV World Stage Isle of MTV Malta

Best Worldwide Act: Bibi Zhou – SE Asia, Mainland China & Hong Kong, Taiwan

Global Icon: Ozzy Osbourne  

Source: MTV

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