Nicki Minaj shows off new bob on Instagram

Nicki Minaj shows off new bob on Instagram

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As well as her ample cleavage

We really don’t think anyone noticed the new hairstyle of Nicki Minaj in her new Instagram post. The Anaconda rapper posted a picture of her new bob hairstyle but the important part is that she did so in a very revealing outfit which showed off a lot of cleavage ; enough to take everyone’s eyes off of the haircut. There was more of her chest than her new bob hair but this doesn’t surprise us at all. The 31 year old is used to displaying her curvy figure not just with pictures and snaps but also on the stage. So it doesn’t appear to be strange that she is taking provocative photos in scantily clad outfits.

Well, Nickie was pretty aware of her effects on the onlookers and she tried to make the best of the opportunity. In the picture, which seems to focus more on her assets, she has pursed her lips to form a very seductive duck face as if the other things in the picture weren’t enough to seduce. The picture was captioned as ‘Thx 4 my makeup Uzo short bob by oscar bra by my crazy ‘mother’ Rushka #itsasecret.’

Only a week ago the American Idol judge had long black tresses which have now been shortened to a bob which is complimented by bangs too. From what we have assumed, the background seems to belong to a green room so she probably took the snap while she got a break from shooting one of her videos.

source: dailymail

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