Nicki Minaj’s New Album is influenced by Enya

Nicki Minaj’s New Album is influenced by Enya

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Nicki Minaj said that her recent album “The Pinkprint” is very much influenced by Enya.

Nicki Minaj is the pop sensation of this generation. She has outdone herself with great quality of music and experimenting with her talent. She has been successful in almost all her attempts in music which has certainly made her a true pop star. She is about to launch her new music album “The Pinkprint”. Recently Nicki gave an interview in which she declared that her music in this album is greatly inspired with Enya.

Enya is a 44-year-old Irish musician who is very famous for playing all kinds of instrument. Her music is really famous and she has sold millions of copies of her work worldwide. The astonishing thing in this kind of confession by Nicki is that her fan did not know about her inspiration. Nicki accepted that she is a great fan of Enya and was always inspired by music made by her.

This “Anaconda” star is surely full of surprises. Everybody knows that she has a different touch of music in her albums. However the fans did not know that she was somebody who could be inspired by some heavy classical music as well. 

She confessed that her new album had many tracks that were actually inspired by Enya’s work. She said that she had admired her and that’s why it was evident from her songs in her new album as well. Along with that she shared in an interview that there are two songs in the album that remind her of Enya’s work. She said that she composed these songs while thinking of Enya and her work. She further said that these songs made her feel just like the way Enya’s songs made her feel. 

She further talked about her album and said that she wanted to give a message about women empowerment through this album. She said that she wanted to spread the word that women were capable of doing everything. She explained that in this album she wanted to inspire everyone through her music and lyrics. 

She said that she felt special that she was able to tell women that they could handle anything in their lives. She further explained that she loved the women who took control of their belongings. When she first started her own brand she was given loads of advices about her business. However she moved on her own with her own pace. She now has a successful brand business. Nicki really knows the art of handling anything she wants. She wants other women to experience the same too. 

She said that she was inspired by lot of rappers. Nicki said that she always wanted to inspire women and this was the purpose of her music as well. Her new album “The Pinkprint” will be released on 15th December, 2014. She will be hosting MTV European Music Awards this week in Glasgow as well. She is a treat to watch and her new album would be as well. 

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