Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki has Tied the Knot (Wedding Photos)

Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki has Tied the Knot (Wedding Photos)

  • Nicole Polizzi marries Jionni LaValle in New Jersey.

Nicole Polizzi also known as Snooki has reportedly tied the knot there is no untying.

The first few wedding photographs of Nicole Polizzi also known by her nickname of Snooki are on her website on the Internet. The first photo shows her in a bridal dress or trousseau holding a bouquet of flowers. She is in a serious mood yet looks absolutely charming in the pic. 

Then in the next snapshot, she seems happier since she is holding hands with her beau. Her hubby’s name is Jionni LaValle. The two are at close quarters. 

There is the next even-more-intimate picture which depicts her in a kissing posture with the bridegroom. Ah! Love and marital bliss! 

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Finally, they are dancing with each other and it seems the first few moments of ice-breaking had occurred. 

The fact that Nicole never signed any prenuptial agreement means that were the marriage to lead to divorce, most of her money would be in the control of whoever the judge is at the court hearing. This is a dangerous proposal and yet she wants it this way so who are we or anyone else to argue with her about it.  

Snooki got hitched to Jionni LaValle in New Jersey in the past couple of days. When Nicole decided not to have a prenuptial agreement she was strongly advised to include one in her preliminary procedures, according to TMZ.

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However, she was stubborn in that she never considered or paid any heed to the advice of so many of her friends and family members who only wanted what was best for her. Nicole is the star of reality TV show Jersey Shore. This is one woman who has a net value amounting to millions of dollars.

Besides her reality television stint, she has several products out which include tanning lotions and a line of clothing items. And while her new hubby, Jionni has some extra cash too, he is nowhere as successful as she is. She is the one who will be bringing home the bacon in this relationship at least.

In New Jersey, if you don’t sign a prenuptial agreement before your wedding, the judge who /4/one day decide the divorce proceedings /4/split your cash 50/50 between you and your estranged spouse.

This would leave Snooki holding her head in her hands. It will of course benefit Jionni to no end. The only final advice Snooki’s relatives and near and dear ones can lend her is not to even think about getting a divorce for she will be left the shadow of the woman she used to be. 

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