Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle as a Holiday Gift 2014

Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle as a Holiday Gift 2014


As a 2014 holiday gift, Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle is an excellent choice to present to gamers. And Best Buy is now offering Black, Red and Blue Nintendo 3DS XL Bundles for $50 off.

Some of the best games come from Nintendo, which was the original pioneer in gaming devices. With the Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle, things have reached an apogee in the gaming industry. There are tons of features that you can find in Nintendo 3DS video game. Besides wireless connectivity there is parental control to boot. The beauty of this gaming gadget is that it allows three dimensional viewing too.   

Nintendo games as holiday gifts 2014 are a great idea indeed. Let’s start off with a few samples for sale on Amazon

The Nintendo 3DS XL Black model is available at a nominal price of $170.99. It oozes tons of personality and is the ideal gift for boys and men. Its eye-catching visual features lend it extra charm. It has two screens and the bottom one can have a stylus used on its surface. Besides this it has a depth slider, motion and gyro sensor, camera and street pass as well as spotpass capacity. Some of the colors it is available in are red and blue besides the black one discussed above. These are worth $199.86 and $198.88 respectively on Amazon. 

But hold on! We have a lot more discounted offers for these selfsame black and red and blue models of Nintendo 3DS XL gaming device. All these three models are now available on Best Buy but for a discount that will make the offer one you simply cannot refuse. $50 are off on each one of these on that platform. And this Best Buy $149.99 offer will be valid until 13th December 2015.

But you will be able to buy these Nintendo 3DS XL systems at $149.99 even after 13th December. How is it possible? It is because Target is also going to offer $50 discount on each Nintendo 3DS XL model. You can buy these models at $149.99 from Target through 14th-20th December.

Amazon also has a Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle offer with accompanying Mario Kart 7 Pre-Installed which is worth $274.99 on Amazon. This contains a larger screen and has a longer battery life too. But Best Buy again have better deal for this one. Best Buy is offering Nintendo 3DS XL Blue/Black Bundle with Mario Party: Island Tour installed for just $199.99.

Finally we have the Nintendo 3DS XL Gold Version which is a very special model indeed. It costs $272.95 on Amazon. And a special Nintendo 3DS Holiday Bundle in flame red color with Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed is also there on Amazon for $279. But this bundle will be in stock on December 19, 2014.

In the capacity of a holiday gift, these gaming devices will surely lend hours of interactive fun and pleasure to those who handle and manipulate them. They are sophisticated gadgets of high technology and that means they are indistinguishable from magic. Just grabbing hold of one and going at it like crazy is an experience that has the sheer rush of adrenaline in it. Get one for the kids at Christmas and also get a few for your relatives just to be on the safe side. Finally get one for yourself as well! 


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