Nintendo is up for developing “new games” for Smart Phones

Nintendo is up for developing “new games” for Smart Phones


Nintendo has decided to develop games for smart phones

According to the press release, Nintendo is planning to release its games for smart phones in near future. Nintendo has been hesitating developing games for smart phones for some time, but now the video game giant has taken the decision and is in process of developing games for smart phones. In addition, the company has also announced its partnership with Japanese smartphone gaming giant DeNa on Tuesday, which will assist in developing smartphone games.

According to DeNa spokesperson, smartphone owners should not expect an original version of Super Mario Bros on their screen. It was also revealed that only new titles will be launched for smart phones, and will not include any old titles since those games had been originally developed to support high end graphics using Nintendo Wii console. In addition, DeNa representative also mentioned that games designed for Nintendo console are not designed to work on smart phones due to massive difference in graphics and controls.

Therefore, there are strong chances that Nintendo /4/soon launch a game based on Candy Crush pattern. Nintendo and DeNa will also coordinate on development of a cross-platform service expected to launch in Fall 2015 which will be operated on smart phones, tablets, PCs as well as Nintendo’s devices. It has also been reported that Nintendo has acquired 10% stakes of DeNa, and DeNa has received 1.24% take of Nintendo, as both acquisitions will worth $185 million.The payments will be delivered in the first week of April 15’. Nintendo is also making sure that its most popular titles including Mario and Pokemon stay exclusive to its own devices.

Analysts believe that the partnership with DeNa is another strategy for increase in revenue, as it continues to fall due to drop in Nintendo Wii U console sales. The device has been unable to break the sales record made by its predecessor Nintendo Wii launched back in 2006. Nintendo’s president also revealed in a breaking news that Nintendo will not give up on its console business and will work on a different concept. Though, the console is not expected launch this year.


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