Nissan Leaf Glows in the Dark

  • Nissan Becomes First European Car Maker To Apply Glow-In-The-Dark Car Paint.

Nissan has employed fluorescent paint on its Leaf electric cars in Europe thereby proving itself as a pioneer of sorts.

Nissan has become a trailblazer and trendsetter by applying glow-in-the-dark paint to its cars in Europe. Its vehicle known as the all-electric LEAF uses solar power to energize its operational features and functions. Nissan collaborated with Hamish Scott.

The result was that a coating on its cars could integrate UV rays from the sun and thus shine at night for less than a dozen hours or so. Although glow-in-the-dark paint is not exactly a new invention, this UV-actuated paint definitely is a novel product.

Among its ingredients /4/be included Strontium Aluminate. This venture begun by Nissan could last a generation. Owners of Nissan’s LEAF vehicles report great savings on the upkeep of the special car.

The solar panels on the car helps the whole phenomenon remain environment friendly to the core. Over 90% of Nissan LEAF owners recharge their vehicles at night. There is even an owner who employs the vehicle to power the appliances in his residence. It is very economical and efficient to boot.   

The plans for a sustainable future can now be fulfilled thanks to this vehicle. The vehicle is funky and modern in its look. The surface paint for a Nissan LEAF is made of natural ingredients. Hard, aroma-less and non-reactive, the paint is unique and probably cannot be reduplicated anywhere else.

The man that cooperated with Nissan to make this unique feature for the car, Hamish Scott is also the inventor of Starpath. He is a genius in his own right. The previous year, a self-cleaning car got displayed by Nissan. Now with the Nissan LEAF, a whole new chapter has been opened in car design and fuel conservation.

The electric fluorescent car makes one almost think of ghost vehicles. And it also sometimes gives one the creeps. But it is just a matter of time before everyone gets used to it and starts taking it normally. Nissan’s new vehicle is still in its experimental phases.

It’ll be some time before it becomes truly market-ready. Till then the consumers can wait and vegetate but it won’t be long before they can be the proud owners of the one and only LEAF glow-in-the-dark car.  The paint on this one is indeed special and nothing like it has been seen before. 


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