Nissan Super Bowl 2015 Ad Coming After 18-Year Absence

Nissan Super Bowl 2015 Ad Coming After 18-Year Absence

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  • Nissan will be one of the Super Bowl XLIX sponsors.
  • It returns after an 18-year hiatus.
  • Nissan’s Super Bowl 60-second ad will be aired in-game.

Car manufacturer Nissan will air a Super Bowl XLIX ad after a 18-year hiatus from participating in Super Bowl commercials.

Nissan is back as one of the Super Bowl advertisers.

On Dec. 2,’s Nat Ives spoke with a Nissan spokesman who confirmed the car manufacturing giant will air a 60-second advertisement for Super Bowl XLIX. The said ad will be created by TBWA/Chiat/Day of Los Angeles, Ca. 

The spokesman also did not specify the exact time of the airing but did confirm to Ives that it will be shown during the big game, which will be on Feb. 1, 2015 in Glendale, Az.

As far as Nissan’s competitors are concerned, Ives says they “haven’t rushed into the upcoming game.” Nissan’s comeback coincides with Volkswagen dropping out after four consecutive years of participating in Super Bowl ads. Jaguar and Lincoln are also holding off while Toyota and Mercedes-Benz are joining Nissan as one of the advertisers.

Nissan hasn’t had a Super Bowl ad since 1997. However, the company’s marketing strategy geared toward “big events” spurred a comeback, per Ives, who interviewed Fred Diaz, Nissan senior vice president of sales and marketing, to get his take on the matter.

Diaz quipped,”Our approach of using fewer yet bigger moments is already paying off. Along with returning to Super Bowl XLIX, Nissan will have a major presence in the NCAA college playoffs — a natural extension of our popular Heisman House campaign — and the NFL playoffs.” 

Diaz didn’t delve into specifics regarding Nissan’s latest Super Bowl ad, but did tell Ives that the big game is an opportunity to introduce the 2015 Nissan Murano and other impressive new vehicles.’s Dale Buss also cites the Super Bowl ad experience of Nissan’s current employees with their former employers, Nissan’s outstanding sales performance this year, “the need for some brand sharpening” and fewer competitors among car manufacturers who are aspiring to air Super Bowl XLIX ads.

Buss spoke with Nissan USA‘s vice president of marketing Jeremy Tucker who said,”What’s the biggest media moment we can own? Now is the time to do this, and we’ve got something to say. Nissan cars will always be the stars of our ads, but this will be about the brand overall.” 

Tucker adds, “It’s an opportunity for us to continue to enforce those themes. We’re committed to doing that in all aspects of what we do, whether it’s ‘The Voice’ or advertising with the NFL. We will bring that brand DNA to life consistently.

“The conversation about this year’s Super Bowl started soon after the last Super Bowl.

“We wanted something that would capture the essence of the Nissan brand and was worthy of the Super Bowl stage and would celebrate Nissan as a company, that would be compelling for America. We need to entertain and engage hearts and minds and do something special and stand out from the pack.”

With this, Super Bowl fans will be more than eager to see what Nissan has in store. 

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