Oakland Raiders Could Be Looking to Buy Vincent Jackson

Oakland Raiders Could Be Looking to Buy Vincent Jackson

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  • Oakland Raiders eying Vincent Jackson
  • Raiders will miss playoffs
  • Patriots, Seahawks also interested in Jackson

Oakland Raiders Could Be Looking to Buy Vincent Jackson

It goes without saying that the Oakland Raiders will not be in the season’s playoffs. This is because they were defeated by a landslide at 0-6. Though some of their players have been up to the game, majority of them have not performed to their expectations. Word going round is that they are considering bring in Vincent Jackson to see whether he can salvage the team in future matches.

According to Rantsports, Jackson is not seen by most teams as a player who can be relied upon for the long term. However, he is currently the most sought after player especially by teams that are looking to revive their performance.

In the last six matches, the undisputed quarterback Derek Carr, has exhibited exemplary performance. Despite his desirable performance, the team has been lagging behind in the rankings due to the decline in the performance of his peers especially the wide receivers. It’s not possible for Carr to bring victory by himself because such achievements are owed to collective contributions.

Andre Holmes has been showing signs of securing position 1 only that he has recorded many drops. James Jones used to be a reliable position 2. It seems his performance was assisted by the presence of Aaron Rodgers because nowadays his performance has been so wanting. In general, the raiders have not achieved anything this year.

Jackson will definitely boost Raider’s performance especially when he is allowed to play alongside Carr. This is because he makes a good target and so he will obviously get the jump balls and be able to move the game to their opponents away from potential attacks.

The center of the field is currently closed which has been hindering junior receivers such as Denarius Moore and Jones. Jackson’s presence will possibly open the center which will go a long way into strengthening the team’s offensive mission.

Though Jackson’s transfer has not been confirmed, it is clear that Raiders are interested in him. On the other hand, the Raiders can not yet budget for the potential transfer because they don’t have any price tag in mind. This means that they /4/not buy him from Buccaneers if they quote a high price.

Buccaneers /4/trade Jackson for an arm and a leg because they consider him to be among their highly valued players. When all is said and done, the buck still stops with Jackson because he /4/turn down the offer. Other teams that have shown interest in Jackson include New England Patriots, Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs. The transfer cost is likely to hit the roof because Jackson’s demand is high.

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