Obama Announces to Open Presidential Library in Chicago

Obama Announces to Open Presidential Library in Chicago

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  • Barack Obama Foundation to Open Presidential Center in His Home Town

The Barack Obama Foundation is to especially open a Presidential Center in his home town (that would be Chicago). A relic preserve, learning resource center and office space will be arranged for within the context of the project.

Sometime in the near future, the Barack Obama Foundation will probably build a Presidential Center bearing the head of the Free World’s name. And it will be situated in the South Side region of Chicago, his native city. Among the fixtures of the center will be a complex museum, a large library and block upon block of offices for a range of business activities and gala events. 

The University of Chicago which is located nearby will be lending its full support to the project. From funds to planning preliminaries, everything will be overseen by the educational institution par excellence. A number of crucial materials as well as the basic building blocks of the Presidential Center will come courtesy of the alma mater. 

Two other study centers will also cooperate with the initiative and these are Columbia University and the University of Hawaii, according to an official announcement posted early in the morning. The Presidential Center will be a constant presence in Honolulu where the President spent a large part of his life too. The University of Illinois /4/also jump on the bandwagon and fund this philanthropic project for the common good. 

The plans for a Presidential Center were in the air and today it became certain that Chicago would be the designated city for the site. Earlier designs suggested NYC or Hawaii as the locales for the project. But the latest choice is Chicago and it is the one that has been finalized. The building activities are to proceed in a park in Chicago.  

According to President Obama, his destiny dovetailed in Chicago where he entered a sort of coming of age. The community work he accomplished from the grassroots level was something worth it in the end. This was his city and he was proud of it. 

“All the strands of my life came together, and I really became a man, when I moved to Chicago,” President Obama said in an announcement, video (embedded below) of which is posted on YouTube. “That’s where I was able to apply that early idealism to try to work in communities in public service.”

From activist to lawyer to the race for the Senate, Obama learned the ropes in Chicago. He even appeared in a YouTube video clip where he lauds the city for making him what he is today, the first Black American President in the White House.

Many of the citizens of Chicago are very happy to learn that the man who launched his career from their city and went on to become head of state will have a Presidential Center built in their provenance. It is indeed an honor for them. 

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