Obama terms Iran Nuclear Deal a Last Chance at Peace in the Region

Obama terms Iran Nuclear Deal a Last Chance at Peace in the Region

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President Obama has termed the recent Iran nuclear deal a last chance at peace in the region. Israel of course feels otherwise.

He has called it the best bet on peace in the Middle East. The pact signed with Iran about seven days ago has been dubbed a rare opportunity at cementing peaceful coexistence in the troubled region.

Nuclear weapons have to have kerbs put on them otherwise M.A.D. or mutually assured destruction is final. To his critics, Obama stated categorically that he would not be lenient with Iran and would put sanctions against the Islamic republic if it tends to backtrack on the agreed-upon deal.

His detractors however claim that he has been handed a raw deal. They say he didn’t play his cards right. Obama in particular gave reassurance after reassurance to Israel which has its hackles raised at the new agreement.

Obama in fact said that this was the only way of walking the tightrope between two extreme choices. On one hand lay war with Iran and on the other lay sycophantic diplomacy. Obama told NYTimes that he was being tough but in the manner of Teddy Roosevelt. Speak softly and carry a big stick. 

However, there are definitely loopholes in Obama’s audacity of hope argument. For one thing, inspectors will be looking high and low for any odd activity in Irans’s nuclear sites. But the main issue is that the interpretation given to the deal by the Prez is radically different from what the Iranians as a nation take the deal to be all about.

This shows us that the final wrapping up of the loose ends of the deal /4/be precisely where things will fall apart. Obama is being given an interregnum to prove his worth in terms of dollar diplomacy by the Republicans.

But it is indeed a brief window of opportunity before their patience runs thin. Safety and putting an end to the crisis in the Middle East is the top priority on the agenda right now. The region is a virtual powder keg just waiting to explode.

The steps towards lifting sanctions against Iran will be a delicate winding road that will have to be traversed very carefully. Treachery lies waiting at every corner. Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu warned that just by preventing a bomb being built by Iran didn’t mean they would stop their clandestine activities.

Every nuclear centrifuge was intact, he said dismally. Some reason that even Hillary (if she were President) could do better than Obama since Iran thinks Obama is a paper tiger.  


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