Obamacare has had its share of diehard critics. Yet so far it has been a success story in spite of the odds against it.

Obamacare: A Success Story


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Obamacare: A Success Story

The latest headlines about Obamacare are all good. None of them point to any flaws in the system of medical welfare. And despite the original glitch in the website, things have been taken care of down to the last digits in the comprehensive plan to aid the poor and dispossessed. 

And all the scathing reviews of the helping hand lent by the Affordable Care Act have nothing to show at the end of the day since their destructive criticism proved to be the empty heckling of the maddening crowd. Yet they still persist. 

But why you /4/ask? Well, it appears to be the case that political ideology gets in the way of reality. There was the scare about consumers being unable to afford the expensive rates of health coverage. 

That turned out to be a dud. And then there was a lot of hullaballoo about the young being uninterested in Obamacare. That rumor too fizzled out in the end. 

The fact of the matter is that conservatism has the dogma behind it that big government doesn’t work. Thus the gurus and pundits of the Republican Party supposed that such schemes meant to benefit those down and out wouldn’t function in reality. 

But real life has a quality to it that allows such seemingly impossible tasks as the setting up of the Internet and Mother Teresa’s program of helping the poorest of the poor function quite well with a little elbow grease. 

And while there /4/not be very many young enrolling in Obamacare, those that are opting for it have serious health issues that need to be catered to on a full-time basis. 

It is here that some small problems have cropped up. The level of satisfaction with the program is not as high as it is with other private programs. 

Then there is the conundrum of people with wishy-washy psychiatric illnesses such as depression. Such mental illnesses don’t have any exact physical cure and need long term therapy that again is vey costly. 

And yet it is a brave effort by the first Black President in the White House. Hopefully, it will continue in its Good Samaritan manner of ministering to the wounds of the sick and unwell. 

Source: NYTimes



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