Obama’s State of the Union Address 2015 Highlights

Obama's State of the Union Address 2015 Highlights

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The SOTU or State of the Union Address 2015 was quite formidable in its tone and tenor. President Obama pointed out some of the plus points of his governmental policies.

President Obama delivered his SOTU or State of the Union Address 2015 and it was a smashing success. He pointed out several key policies of his administration that had played a pivotal role in helping America recover from the recession.

And he also said that it was his thinking that had engendered an economy that was less dependent on foreign oil. He gave a beautiful example of a couple, the male of which was employed as a construction worker while the female was a waitress.

They fell upon hard times as the recession loomed on the horizon. But they managed to do what they could for their two small children whom they had to feed and educate so they could have a better future than their parents.

Given the tough times, they surprisingly bounced back from poverty and hard luck to wrest back their rights. And it was all due to the land of opportunity that was the US of A. Here was a place where a kid without a cent could grow up to become president.

Obama pointed out that he himself was just an ordinary gangly teenager way back in his youth and he lived in both Hawaii and Illinois where he rubbed shoulders with all sorts of people of different hues and backgrounds.

Thanks to this wide exposure and a whole bunch of chances at advancement he finally made it to the White House. Could anyone have imagined a Black American in the White House?  

Obama said that he was mocked over his pacifist stand against Russia’s bully Putin. But he said that today it was Russia whose economy had been blown to smithereens thanks to the embargo by the US and its allies.

He said that 15 years ago the nation was shocked by the actions of terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. But today the United States led the offensive against terror, be it in Peshawar or Paris.

Obama also spoke of how alternative means of energy were being looked into in order to save the US from its dependence upon foreign oil. A middle class economics was what the nation needed, according to Obama.

And he was willing to make heaven and earth meet in order to provide working class families with the opportunities to advance further than they used to. They deserved a raise, each one of them and so did the educational sector in the nation.

Finally, Obama said that he was with all his opponents and wanted to take the nation into the future as a source of inspiration to the world. To win hearts you needed to be sympathetic even to those who were cynical towards your approach of leadership. 

Read Obama’s Complete State of the Union Address 2015 here.

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