One Direction’s Zayn Malik angry over Drug Abuse Allegations

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One Direction’s Zayn Malik angry over Drug Abuse Allegations

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One Direction’s Zayn Malik is angry over certain drug abuse allegations against him. He completely denies his having had anything to do with intoxicants.

Sometime after the cancellation of a jaunt to the United States, Zayn Malik of One Direction had allegations of drug abuse leveled against him. He vehemently denied any rumors of the kind though. In fact, the young pop star was positively upset at any suggestion of such a thing.

According to The Sun, the allegations were pointed out as patently false by Zayn. Zayn was not in the right condition to fly over to the US. His other band mates were queried as to Zayn’s absence.

The host of the show Matt Lauer asked the others regarding any chances of drug abuse going on among their ranks. They replied politely that it was due to a malady. But when Zayn got to know of the event he went barking mad at the insulting manner in which the question was put to his band mates. 

Zayn said that he would join One Direction as soon as he had recovered from his illness. Matt Lauer had started the interview with the most pressing question that “where was Zayn?” and in a rejoinder Liam Payne had said that he had contracted a bad case of diarrhea so he was not able to attend the band’s concerts. 

Their brand new album is about to come out soon. And the fact that Zayn couldn’t make it was sad indeed. The rude and obnoxious Matt Lauer further explored the question by asking Payne whether there was any substance abuse that Zayn was partaking in. At this Liam was flabbergasted and said that such a thing was not the case at all.

In fact, all the singer really had was stomach bacteria that were causing him pain and agony. That was the only reason behind Zayn’s absence from the scene. Sometimes it appears that what is a very deep mystery is only a minor thing that has nothing of the dark and secretive to it.

Such a case seems to be the phenomenon that is Zayn Malik. He is an integral part of the boy band 1D. And were he taking drugs it would be obvious since he would not be on the band but would have been kicked off a long time ago from on board the musical group.

The fact that he is still an honorable band member means that he has some potential and ability. These qualities would not be there were he taking drugs. And yet Matt Lauer tried to push the bandmates into revealing something that was not there in the first place. He was just trying to put the incriminating words into their mouths.

When Payne denied any such wrongdoing on Zayn’s part, Matt again asked him if he was sure that it was not drug abuse. Such mean-spirited trolling does not behoove a person of the stature of Matt Lauer. He ought to have been more careful when he asked his loaded questions.

This sort of lawyer-like querying does not look good and besides it is very impolite and disgusting in its nature. When you embarrass a boy band before its thousands of fans there /4/be a backlash against the very person who dared to ask such a stupid and straightforward question in the first place.

There is a computer term WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get”. Sometimes reality is not so complex that it has to be endlessly deconstructed and analyzed to death by a critic. Many times the obvious is just what it is plain and simple.

Even Sigmund Freud admitted rather sheepishly that what he was smoking was just an ordinary cigar and not some phallic symbol. Zayn got a stomach illness due to bad bacteria and that fact could be corroborated by taking a look at his doctor’s prescriptions.

Why is there such a need to go overboard and bring allegations of drug abuse into the whole shebang. The problem is the Internt where the voices of the mad, the bad and the ugly are all combined in a towering crescendo of cacophonous gibberish.

Since anything is possible in cyberspace so you cannot stop people from talking all sorts of nonsense. And thus rumors of Zayn having been abusing drugs got started online.

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