Open Innovation Community of Frog by Wyplay also to participate at the CES 2015

Open Innovation Community of Frog by Wyplay also to participate at the CES 2015


Key innovations by the Frog community will be on showcase at the CES 2015

Wyplay Frog is a leading pay-TV operator software solution. Wyplay recently announced that the open source community has been a collection of more than 75 licensed companies. Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO of Wyplay stated that Canal + Group have successfully deployed on their Le Cube DTT set-top boxes in the middle of the Frog by Wyplay software.

He explained the reason behind the creation of Frog. He stated Frog was created in order to make the TV operators connect to their technology suppliers and global innovation community more effectively. The CEO also explained that the Canal + is the first deployment by the company and more have yet to come. 

 Dominique Féral who is the CMO of Wyplay stated that the Frog open innovation community has had seven new Frog license agreements per month on average since the last year’s CES (CES 2014). He said that this clearly shows everyone that the industry takes a strong interest in such open and collaborative approaches in the development of innovative technical solutions.

Wyplay will introduce a number of new innovations and ideas from creative members of the Frog community at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES 2015) for the first time. It will include equipment and end user analysis techniques, the Internet of Things for DVR Cloud, TV, and innovative UX and even advanced engines for graphics applications. The CES 2015 is going to be a great opportunity for Wyplay to showcase and present its new technologies and innovative techniques and ideas.

The Frog solution has become even richer thanks to the cooperation and regular contributions from licensees. It is said that these contributions are going to be added in the middleware version 3.0 that comes out in December.

Plus the new version of Frog ‘Cayenne Frog’ is OTT and 4K improvements such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), interfaces for conditional access systems, application store services, Ultra High Definition and much more. Wyplay will exhibit all its new innovations at the International CES 2015.

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Now let’s make you familiar to Wyplay. Wyplay is an independent and internationally recognized and renowned provider of modular, open and innovative software solutions for broadcasters and operators of IPTV, cable, satellite, OTT and even terrestrial networks around the globe.

Thanks to the technology of Wyplay, the company can select the provider of the most comprehensive list of predefined functions that are available in conjunction with a TV solution. Over the years Wyplay has become a strategic partner of leading brands such as SFR, Belgacom, Vodafone and now Canal +.  

For more information about the set-top box, multiscreen and OTT solutions by Wyplay you should certainly check out their website and The International CES 2015 is going to be a blast for such companies like Wyplay that thrive on consumer technology.

The CES 2105 is the world’s largest platform for such companies and provides huge opportunities to companies like Wyplay. The CES 2015 will be held in Las Vegas this year and will start on 6th of January and end on the 9th.

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