Pamela Anderson Bares True Feelings in Facebook Poem

Pamela Anderson Bares True Feelings in Facebook Poem

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The sex symbol and pneumatic Pamela Anderson has bared her true feelings in a Facebook poem. She appears to be undergoing a crisis of conscience.

Pamela Anderson has just had a divorce from her latest hubby. And the funny thing is the two were married for two months quite some time back. 

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This time around the marriage lasted barely six months. Well, she is apparently affected by this rupture in her life and has recollected her feelings in tranquility in the form of a lengthy poem on Facebook


I know it’s bad for you… 

But, this is when I wish, 

I had a cigarette- 

something I’ve never tried- (light up)

some kind of relief..

I wish it was Italy 40 years ago– 

The moon rising over the Amphitheater– 

to tremendous applause… like Herzog (clap)

Europeans don’t seem to care about silly

smoking laws?, 

We do what we want anyway – 

behind closed doors– 

Our true character, collective complexities. 

childish activities –

patterns- genetics? Attention deficit-

– …SEX … a lost art– a sickness– 


Lost sensuality – 

It just goes on and on and is a little wishy-washy in its nature yet there are some very poignant portions where her soul becomes free from her body and ventures into the empyrean heights of heaven. 

She showed via the poetry that she can write and is not just a dumb bimbo. With over a thousand words, the poem is about a lost and wayward woman who is looking back to see just where she went wrong in life.

She has gone so far in her pursuit of materialistic hedonism that she has to finally re-seek her roots in tradition, the five senses of a child’s simplicity and images that have innocence about them. 

Female security… lost-

no way– 

Coded, and loaded Cell phones, 

Computers — 

Ordering sex on line- 

is like ordering a book on Amazon– 

and … snooping eats you alive– 

A mirrored action. obsessive love…


hopeless- knocked sideways– 

There is always this feeling – 

of discontent– 

Like something is off…

I can’t put my finger on why–

Who wants to be the Warden– 

I want out of here– out of this time —

in space– 

Grey, muted crystals, 

from unsavory places-

bad intentions, 

dull- no fire– a secret life –

Laying in my hotel bed– 

pulling up my stockings- carefully 

re-attaching to the garter- ,

The cuban heel- the line 

(right on course)

the works… 

Feeling a little guilty- 

I started to fantasize– 

Il Postino, Pablo Neruda- 

Should I go to Capri–?

The twin motifs of the poem are existence and romance. She explores them for what light they can throw on her bizarre situation at present. 

It seems that she is facing some inner turmoil due to her outwardly superficial ways and thus seeks to find meaning in a meaningless universe. 

I can’t find the answers– It’s an epidemic– 

I know I won’t compete with a computer–

or – a gaggle of hollywood boys hiring poor 

Russian girls to swallow loaves of bread 

up their anus’?- 

How does that work?”

BG- She was disturbed–

How far can she take this?– Is it even real?– 

ME- “Have we lost men to thin air— 

to the Abyss– to technology and lube- 

Flesh is attached to a heart and a brain- 

takes effort…and skill…

Where are the great lovers?– A lost art…

God , I hope not…

Pamela has been in the tabloids and also had various Playboy shoots where she has shown everything regarding her body. She is lusted after by all sorts of horny teenagers and has been known to change the size of her breasts via plastic surgery at the drop of a hat. 

Of course, when you enter the media spotlight and are treated as a plaything of males, it can get to you in the end. The bouts of ennui and mental chaos of one night stands can become a little too much and make you an existential mess. 



Pamela ought to pull herself together and act rationally instead of drifting off into the fantasy world. Read the full poem on her Facebook page.

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