AX850 Marks First 85-inch Model in Panasonic’s Line of Critically-Acclaimed 4K UHD TVs

In an announcement today, Panasonic has announced that the highly anticipated 65-inch class AX900 and 85-inch class AX850 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs are going to make their debuts in the US within the next month on the official website of the company, So far the company hasn’t talked about the pricing and the availability. The new TVs are designed with the rich heritage which the company is known for and things have been taken a notch further with superior picture quality which has been paired with advanced features and functions. Together these are going to deliver the smartest and most intuitive home entertainment experience available.

Both TVs have also received THX 4K certification which provides an assurance of image quality and consistency. So the LED LCDs by Panasonic not only meet the industry 4k guidelines but also maintain content accuracy true to the original HD image.

The next generation picture quality technologies which have been housed on these two TVs are going to provide accurate, rich, and robust blacks that also retain fine detail along with reproduction of color which is true to the director’s intentions and calibrated to be correct at every brightness level. The TV also has the capability of modifying the picture quality performance so it matches the environment in which it is being viewed. Let’s look at these important developments in detail;

Accurate, Rich, Robust Blacks

LCDs typically reproduce very dark and rich blacks and retain the rich color in dark scenes however Panasonic has found a way to combat this problem and the AX900 makes use of a direct LED with full-array local dimming complemented with Panasonic-unique Local Dimming Ultra technologies. The AX900 also analyzes the incoming video signal not in traditional 3 x 3 matrices, but across 5 x 5 matrices of local dimming fields and adjusts the brightness level of each individual field and this eliminates the problem of other full array local dimming systems which suffer from the ‘halo’ effect.

True Color Reproduction at Any Brightness Level

LCD TVs are also not very good at producing color in dark scenes. But the two new Panasonic LED LCDs have a way to ensure that the colors on the AX900 and AX850 are exactly the same as the director intended. This came after the engineers behind the AX900 and AX850 worked together closely with the renowned Panasonic Hollywood Laboratories in Los Angeles to ensure that such color management technologies are adopted which have until now only been used to the same degree by professional studio monitors which allow calibration of color reproduction at extremely fine brightness steps so it is reproduced accurately at any brightness level.

Picture Quality Performance Which Perfectly Matches Your Environment

The TVs also have the ability to analyze the lighting conditions in the room in which the TV is placed and this delivers the best picture performance. Both the AX900 and AX850 explicitly link its video signal processing to ambient light levels to match the picture quality with the living room.

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