Paris Mayor to sue Fox News

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France hunting Fox.

In recent news after the Paris tragedy, that took place at Charlie Hebdo, Fox News had been displaying maps that supposedly indicated no-go zones around Paris.

These no-go zones were areas that claimed to be controlled by Muslims and where no one other than Muslims will enter even the police. Fox News even claimed that Birmingham, England was such as a city that was avoided by all Non-Muslims. 

Critics have said that Fox News shows are creating controversy and feeding an idea that all Muslims are terrorists, with the Fox Network’s using the questionable no-go zones, which are depicted in and around Paris. 

Not only has Fox News come under the scrutiny by critics for their inaccurate reporting, but many French media outlets are challenging the authenticity of Fox News claims of these zones.  

Even the British Prime Minister, David Cameron mocked Fox News states about Birmingham City, stating that the claims of Fox news were absurd. 

Since Fox News aired the segment, it has made numerous apologizes for the incorrect information that they presented. Fox News has apologized for these assumptions and the inaccurate information they have presented on their news broadcasts.

Yet it seems like an apology is not enough for the Paris Mayer, Anne Hidalgo. The Paris Mayor, along with many residents of Paris feel that the image of Paris has been tarnished and they city has been labelled as prejudiced.

The city as per the Paris Mayor have been insulted and that is why Paris is considering suing Fox News. The French are on the hunt for Fox, after the defamation of their city, based on the no-go zones report that Fox News broadcasted. 

On Tuesday, a statement was released where Paris to sue Fox News for its misrepresentation of their fair city, was announced by the Paris Mayor. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour that Paris will ‘have to go to court, in order to have these words removed.’

Many legal analysts say that the chances of such a lawsuit of succeeding are slim and Executive Vice President of Fox news has said that the lawsuit is “misplaced”.

Fox News is based in the US and media law analysts believe that the Paris Mayor’s claim to sue Fox News will be thrown out, as the concept of defamation of a city does not exist.

This precedent was established over 100 years ago in the United States after an Illinois Supreme Court ruled citizens have the right and free range to question and criticize their government. So there is still a question mark on Hidalgo’s statement in which she intends to sue Fox News for damaging the image of Paris.

Paris to sue Fox News, the idea /4/be taken to the Paris courts where it might have a chance, but the chances of such a lawsuit in the United States are slim. The United States in 2010 passed a law called the Speech Act, it protects American publishers from any defamation lawsuits from overseas, such as the one the Paris Mayor would like to do with Fox News.

The Paris Mayor and its residents are angry and upset of the misrepresentation of their city and feel that apologize alone by Fox News are not enough. The majority of people feel that Fox News should have verified their information before presenting it and defaming the city of Paris and its residents.

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