Passenger Shaming: The New Trend of dealing with Rudeness in the Air

Passenger Shaming: The New Trend of dealing with Rudeness in the Air

Passenger Shaming Instagram

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Passenger Shaming has taken off since the previous year or two. It is indeed the new online trend of dealing with rudeness and obnoxiousness shown by passengers in the air.

The trend began sometime in 2013 and the inspiration behind it was a flight attendant who had had enough of passengers who behaved like dirty rats. And it has caught on like the Emoji Craze and Chuck Norris One-Liner Memes. 

The thing is that many of the tourists and travelers that board the airlines of the world tend to think of their seats and the airplane space in general as their own living rooms. 

They make themselves as comfortable as possible. And that includes such acts as sleeping sprawled all over their seats, having their feet extending into the other person’s face and even having sex with their partners or masturbating in view of the other horror-stricken co-travelers. 

The level of nastiness and downright uncivilized behavior can even be a symbol of the fact that barbarity and savagery have somehow made a comeback. 

So some people have started sending pics of these vile souls who pollute the airline journeys on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. While some of these images are hilarious, others are absolutely shocking in the degree of audacity they seem to have reached. 

A favorite picture is of a stupid man in a T-shirt and blue jeans who has his feet perched way up on the headrest of the seat in front of him as he snores away. 

Then there are the smelly feet of another dolt that extend through the space between the next two seats in the row thereby severely disturbing the passengers ahead of him. 

Such cruel acts ought to be demonized and criminalized. But wait, there is more to come…a couple having raunchy sex in broad daylight with their clothes on! 

Now what sort of impression is that supposed to leave on the minds of the prepubescent kids on board the airline? You can well imagine. And, Oh the shame of the act, a man with his hand up his underwear!!! 


Can’t you at the very least have found a more private place like the lavatory instead of performing the primal act of man on your seat of all places! 

From now onwards passengers will have to be careful of how they behave on board a jet airliner. That is because the entire world /4/watch them let their hair hang down which is cause for concern indeed.  

Source: Yahoo! News

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