Periscope is Now on Android

  • Periscope Finally Launches on Google Android devices.

Periscope the live video streaming app of Twitter is being launched on the Android devices by Google.

Periscope the live video streaming app was acquired by Twitter in January 2015 and was made available on the Apple store in March. After two months of its launch in the Apple devices the application is now about to be available to Google powered Android devices.  

Periscope Inc. claims when the app was launched in March more than a million download took place on Apple devices during the first week of launch and it expects the same to happen on Goggle powered devices. 

The rival video streaming app Merrkat has already been available on the Google play store since the start of /4/2015. Both of the apps Periscope and Meerkat allow live video streaming on mobile phones for broadcasting. The apps also have other personalized features such as sending appreciation messages which can pop up while the video stream is on.

However the use of live streaming of videos on especially hand held devices can result in a lot of load as these services require heavy data and experts have warned /4/use up a lot of Mb’s of network service.

Therefore users who are on law data services or packages need to be especially careful as the live streaming of videos can use up their data within minutes. According to Kate Russell from BBC click he only saw about 11 minutes of 4G on Periscope when 250mb of his data was exhausted. 

Some advantages for android users have also been revealed by Periscope, as the android version developing engineer Sara Haider stated in a blogpost Android user can watch the stream on Periscope from wherever they left off, in case they receive a call or text message. Haider further called Periscope as the most similar thing to ‘Teleportation’.

Download Periscope for Android from Google Play.

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