Peyton Manning to Return to Broncos in 2015

Peyton Manning to Return to Broncos in 2015

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The player, Peyton Manning, is planning to return to Denver Broncos next year since he has no plans to leave the field for others.

Peyton Manning is in his late 30s and currently playing in his 17th season. And to top all that he has suffered four neck injuries for which he has received surgical treatment. All that is on record.

Thus after so much happening in so little time, whether Peyton plays in rain or snow or sleet, he will always be under public scrutiny. Many people think he ought to just retire. After all, after so much one ought to throw in the towel if one is sensible enough.

But Peyton Manning is no ordinary Broncos player. He is a big, bold and bad player. He is the greatest and he knows it like Muhammad Ali. The man is a virtual dynamo and there is no stopping him from his goals.

No matter what obstacles come in his way he will persevere. You can stand him up at the gates of hell but he will stand his ground. And he won’t back down. The behemoth knows that there is no easy way out. You just have to be a player and a survivor and take the good with the bad.


He spoke with the media regarding his refusal to retire. He said that he had not given much thought to his injuries or his lack of much to go on. Confidence was the name of the game and Peyton was all about pure power and passion for the game.

He was not a coward. As far as plans to give up were concerned, there was no word as failure in his lexicon. Peyton was still enjoying the game despite the obstacles in his path. This here was an honest and hardworking man who gave it his all in terms of moral and physical support to his team.

He was not the sort to let them down in any way. A true hero, Peyton Manning has led his team to victory in the past many times. He never for a single second flinched from the challenges that crossed his path.

Facing each one like a charging bull, Manning was an invincible force of nature. And he most of all knows that for people of his mettle there is no bowing down before the negative forces. He still has plenty of the positive spirit left in him to conquer the odds against him. Clap for this man!

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