Pitch Perfect 2: Anna Kendrick Speaks Out on Feminism and Her Fans

Pitch Perfect 2: Anna Kendrick Speaks Out on Feminism and Her Fans

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Anna Kendrick is a lovable, huggable person in real life as opposed to her OCD character onscreen. She recently spoke out on various issues in her life including her diehard feminism and her crazy fans.

Anna Kendrick is being interviewed by Guardian and she notices the questioner flipping through an article on sex dolls. The details make for some hilarious comparisons (like the one on preferred nipple size). She is in the city of London and a bully for her film Pitch Perfect 2. 

The fantastic, fearless and fun females shown in the movie simply sing their way to success. And as for good old Anna, her fans are so many that a few of them have called her at her home for everything from discussions about her movies to trying to seduce her into marrying them. 

Anna said that she is not rich enough to afford butler service at her own residence, so when she appeared at the front door herself, the fans were almost always taken aback. Her fans even mail stuff to her which she immediately flings into the trash can since she does not want any unnecessary favors.  

Why all the extra attention? Well, Anna has appeared in The Twilight Saga which is all about vampires, and thus as is typical of that genre an unending series of sexy-morbid acts of romantic love and animal violence. She plays the constant female companion of Kristen Stewart. And in Pitch Perfect, she is Beca, a music creator who is into “a capella” warbling.   

The comedy is funny in an offbeat and slightly freaky manner. Mainly, it is a chick flick and females composed over 80% of the audience members when it came to theaters. Anna is all for the Pitch Perfect enterprise since it is pro-feminist and does not portray women as helpless waifs or predatory man-eaters. Anna viewed Bad Girls, a movie with Drew Barrymore in it, when she was just a youngster. She remembers it to this day for the strong females it represented on screen. 

Kendrick is very vocal about Tinsel Town’s low opinion of women. The sexism is simply disgusting and reeks like week-old roadkill left to rot in the sun. She is one of a new genre of female actresses (think Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson) who are fighting an uphill battle for women’s rights in the heart of Hollywood. 

She has a special bond with her mother who really saw to it that her daughter got a decent and well-rounded education. Anna even uses colorful language to show that she is not about to be cowed into the Victorian role of the lady who faints at the sight of anything shocking such as offal. She has got a good thing going as a totally warm and human personality that is naughty but nice. You go, girl! 

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