Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer Released

Pitch Perfect 2 is Better than the Best Movie


After the 2012 movie, its sequel titled Pitch Perfect 2 is better than the best film you /4/have ever seen.

The original film came on the scene about two years back. And now the sequel is here too. Pitch Perfect 2 is about two groups of singing troupes that battle it out in a worldwide competition. It is funny, hilarious and tongue-in-cheek in its portrayal of all sorts of colorful characters (most of them females). 

The director is none other than Elizabeth Banks and among the acting talent on board /4/be included: Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp and Rebel Wilson. In Pitch Perfect the Bellas won the nationwide championships. But in the sequel they win the worldwide tournament. 

The singing is to take place without any musical or instrumental accompaniment. The Bellas don’t take the message for granted that the world hates the USA and that thus they could not win the playoff.

The trailer already gives a pretty good preview of what the film will be like. It is funky, spunky and full of fun-filled wowzers. The film is basically offbeat and shows eccentric and partially lesbian characters that form a sort of sisterhood that goes on to fight the self-satisfied and proud bad guys that are their rivals. 

The trailer is aimed at an audience of diehard fans. The music is there although the whole thing is about an a cappella style of delivery. The very bones and sinews of the trailer show sparks in the dark and a fresh free excitement about the very group dynamics of the Bellas. 

The trailer shows that this movie is the nearest any movie has ever come to Mean Girls which had Lindsay Lohan in it. There is a scene where the head girl of the Bellas is asked the password from an opening in the door and she says a weird phrase and then imitates a raspberry noise of a fart afterwards. 

Then there is the scene where the opposing group of performers at the competition say that their head member knows eight languages and the word “loser” is not in any one of them. How insulting can it get. One of the members of the Bellas who is very corpulent is shown slipping or rather falling down a flight of stairs in an attempt to show that she is capable of stunts too despite her obesity. 

All of the Bellas are shown cuddling up next to each other at night and even engaging in some rather inappropriate acts such as one female putting the tip of her tongue on another female’s nose. Then they sit together in front of a camp fire and sing songs of redemption. 

Finally, the last scene shows the fat one of the group standing at a party and a guy comes up to her and asks if he can have sex with her and she says “no” and winks at him. He repeats the question with the assumption that this means “yes” and she says “no” yet again winks at him in a tongue-in-cheek manner. 

Watch below the trailer of Pitch Perfect 2.

Anna Kendrick is Beca Mitchell and Rebel Wilson is Fat Amy. As for Brittany Snow, she plays Chloe in the movie. The film also contains five Packer players. And as if that was not enough the 300 pound players look like giants and hunks on screen. They add some male macho elements to balance the estrogen factor of the Bellas in the movie. 

Anna Kendrick’s song Cups also figures somewhere in Pitch Perfect 2. The competition comes from the Europeans who are portrayed as big snobs in the movie. They have lots of attitude and like to give the American Bellas the cold shoulder. 

But victory goes to the Bellas in the end. As for the Packer players, they sang about Butts as is evident from the trailer. The warning that the movie is for appropriate audiences comes at the beginning of the trailer. The movie is definitely one for the extreme entertainment fans among us all. 

It takes it to the max and the shocking sequences are ratcheted a notch higher just for the heck of it. Little is left to the imagination as every sort of oddball comedy scheme is explored in a bid to tantalize and titillate the audience. Watch it when it comes out in theaters soon.

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