PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service Arriving On Samsung Smart TVs Next Year

PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service arriving on Samsung Smart TVs Next Year

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The Sony PlayStation game streaming service “PlayStation Now” is arriving soon on Samsung Smart TVs. In fact it is coming to Samsung Smart TVs in 2015.

Sony and Samsung have a deal for sure. The Sony PlayStation Now Game streaming service will be there on the platform of Samsung Smart TVs. The year 2015 is the slated time when this is to take place.

Thanks to this new bond, consumers in Canada and the United States can readily access PS3 games. And there will be no need of any fancy hardware. PlayStation Now is also to be found on the PS4 platform.

This is the top gaming device in the global village. Over 200 game choices are available in the repertoire. The games contain all sorts of content ranging from action to fighting sequences.

And it /4/be chosen according to whether one wants to play the game before family or in the company of friends alone. Some of these games are really quite exciting deals. It is basically an application that can be penetrated via Samsung’s Smart Hub.

The wireless controller DUALSHOCK 4 /4/be employed to access the games. The fact that right now only Sony is the platform on which to play PlayStation will change soon.


The PlayStation Now game streaming service will only come to select Smart TVs. Samsung is lucky it is getting the privilege. The basic goal is to open the world of PlayStation to the common people by letting them play the games on devices they commonly use everyday. Sony’s partnership with Samsung is a key component in making this dream a reality.

The gaming device known as PlayStation has been quite in vogue since the late 90s. It has a slogan which goes somewhat like this: “never underestimate the power of playstation”. And so we ought not to underrate this brand new device that can lend us hours of pleasurable gaming.

It is especially a boon for teenagers and young adults who are literally unable to unglue their eyes from the screen. The fast paced moving objects on the screen allow the gamers to manipulate and handle themselves in avatar form on the VDU.

And there are even in-game trophies for those who win the game on a regular basis. This is a very good thing since it points towards the employment of healthy competition. PlayStation is tops in gaming and is only comparable to the Xbox One. 

And the gaming lovers can also have a hands-on experience with PlayStation Now on Samsung Smart TVs at CES 2015 in Las Vegas in January by visiting the Samsung booth.

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