Polar Bears can’t Live on Land Food

Polar Bears can't Live on Land Food

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Polar bears, those huge white fuzzy wuzzy monsters of the Arctic, are not dependent on land-based foods upon meltdown of polar ice caps.

Polar bears require the lumps and shards of ice in the polar climate in order to hunt for seals and walruses. However, climatic topsy turviness and global warming is taking that final right away from them too. These white furry bears are spending more and more of their valuable time on territory and this disallows them from pursuing their prey.

It is getting harder and harder for the cycle of eco-balance to remain stable anymore. The ecosystem is undergoing a massive shift and polar bears seem to be the losers in the equation. Polar bears are now seeking other sources of nutrition in a desperate bid for survival.

“There simply isn’t enough food to feed polar bears on land,” Polar Bears International chief scientist Steven Amstrup told Huffington Post.

There have been even rumors of polar bears gobbling up geese and their eggs just to get by. The eggs of arctic birds are generally more satisfying and so that is one reason for the change of diet. But the fact of the matter is that the diets of these bears have been encoded in their genes since millennia.

So to change what goes in within a matter of a few years is to play havoc with the biome that is the cold regions of the earth. Already the surrounding countries are working hard to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The carbon footprints left by man will have consequences in the future. Let no one be mistaken, the slightest tweaking of the earth’s delicate balance will lead to a situation where there will be hell to pay.  

Meanwhile, the polar bear seems to be on the receiving end of the changes wrought by man. The polar bear is a huge brute of an animal. It is dangerous to man especially when provoked. But right now it is man who is a danger to this hulk.

The trade-off of hunting for prey in the polar tundra and hunting on solid ground is one that does not go in favor of the polar bear. It is like offering band aid relief in place of chemotherapy for cancer.

The environmental niche the bear had constructed for itself /4/yet be salvaged if mankind stops its crazy ways. Some sort of solution or plan will have to be thought out otherwise another great creature of the earth will be facing scarcity and possible extinction in the near future. 


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