Porsha Williams Speeding Arrest occurs in Atlanta

Porsha Williams Speeding Arrest occurs in Atlanta

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  • The Real Housewives Of New York star Porsha Williams was arrested again for speeding.

The RHOA star, Porsha Williams was arrested due to speeding. The incident occurred in Atlanta.

Porsha Williams /4/seem to get some pretty trite lines on her show RHOA, but she was quite a zinger girl on the highway in Atlanta, Georgia when she zinged past the cops. As everyone knows this is on starlet who slid down the scale of value on the show. But it looks like she has just been promoted in real life due to her high jinks.

According to the cops, she was literally leaving fire flames behind her on the highway. Going at 78 mph, she was clearly out of line. And so she had to pay the price by having a mug shot taken of her smiling. Plus the fact that she had a suspended license only added to her troubles.

According to TMZ, Porsha was put behind bars and she has given $1726 to bail herself out of the slammer. However, before she could be released from prison, she spent some time in it getting used to the atmosphere. We have yet to see what effect this arrest will have on her ratings in RHOA.   

Earlier Porsha Williams was arrested for blatantly physically attacking Kenya Moore on the show. One of the male costars tried to separate them as the two females got into a vicious catfight.

Porsha was arrested for this act of violence and a mug shot of her is extant from that time too. Later on she was demoted and her lines were reduced to perfunctory ones. However, thanks to the studio’s efforts, the two female colleagues hugged and made up after their brief altercation.

So it was all hunky dory and sugar and spice and all things nice till this recent speeding incident. Now Porsha Williams seems to have gotten herself into deep trouble once again. And the really laughable thing is her mug shot in which she is visibly smiling and grinning like Justin Bieber did when he was arrested.

This is one hot and funky lady who knows how to be outrageous in order to garner some quick fame at the hands of the media circus. Porsha married a football player some time back but the two later on got divorced.

It is the case of “I can’t get no satisfaction” for her and “can’t get enough” too. Maybe that was the reason behind her Speedy Gonzales move on the highways of Atlanta. Porsha Williams ought to have been more careful though since accidents can happen at such high speeds.      

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