Postage Increase To 49 Cents Causes Public Uproar

Postage Increase to 49 Cents Causes Public Uproar

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The US Postal Service has been facing various fiscal pressures due to which it was forced to increase its postage price to 49 cents. This of course has caused a public uproar.

The cost price of a first class stamp has risen over the times to reach the astronomical rate of 49 cents. This will go into effect from January 26th. However, it is not a permanent decision which comes as somewhat of a relief. Postcards and packages will naturally cost more to send over long distances in future times. 

The USPS was hit hard by the recession of 2008 and 2009. Then there is the fact that it is largely obsolete in the current times of Internet and Email. Its retirement plan is going to take some time though. Those who use the USPS’s snail mail service will be grouchier than before due to this landmark decision. 

The legitimate question for now is that would anyone even want to send packages, postcards or letters by the route of normal mail. Of course, there are people who collect stamps and then there are folks who belong to an old school and they too prefer snail mail. It’s ultimately a matter of personal choice. 

The public is facing the consequences of this landmark decision since Yuletide would be affected by the implementation of this new rule. The barrage of gifts has to go via the snail mail route. And there is no way out of that conundrum so the public will have to put up with the financial nuisance for now.       

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