President Obama takes Immigration Action for those Staying Illegally in the US

President Obama takes Immigration Action for those Staying Illegally in the US

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President Obama in an unprecedented move has vowed to take immigration action for the sake of those staying illegally in the US.

President Obama is the benefactor of at least 5 million immigrants who would have long since been deported were it not for him. He gave a moving speech appealing to the nature of America as a safe place and haven for the oppressed.

Obama asked this question that “are we a nation that rips children and separates them from their parents’ arms?” and he also spoke of how “his nation values families and works to keep them together.”

Obama literally cocked a snook at Republicans who were furious over the decision. This has been a surprise move since a similar act took place last time (in 1986). But it looks like the action will benefit Democrats in the 2016 elections by gaining many Hispanic voters.

President Obama targeted those who have a felony charge against them and not families. He pinpointed criminals and not children. Those families in the US that have been there for five years illegally can get a permit for three more years provided they have a child.

Obama chose compassion over conservatism. Obama even quoted from the Bible by saying that “we shall not oppress a stranger.” Obama said that Americans too had basically arrived as strangers from many different lands in the United States

Some Republicans want to impeach President Obama over this action of his. Others even want to take him to court over it. But the Democrats have welcomed his immigration plan. Meanwhile, the Republicans are polarized over what action they ought to take since if they block his move it will lead to a governmental shutdown of the sort that occurred last year due to the Obamacare protest.

Many Republicans issued statements regarding the whole shebang. They offered solutions to the impasse. The blockage of executive orders is something that they will all try to put into practice.

The lives of millions of illegal immigrants hang in the balance as President Obama has taken their side depite all odds. He has taken on the might of the establishment in a bid to benefit the underdog.

Many other actions besides the immigration act are being passed by President Obama. They include setting up immigration judges and increasing border patrol. Let’s see how his latest plan pans out in the end. It might be successful and it might flounder on the shores of failure. 

Sources: NYDailyNews , Bloomberg

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