President Obama Wants to Retire with David Letterman

President Obama Wants to Retire with David Letterman

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President Obama and David Letterman have decided that they want to retire gracefully on the Late Show. The two jokingly discussed their plans for the future.

The current President of the United States, Barack Obama, paid a visit to the set of the Late Show with David Letterman. There he cracked a few jokes with Letterman regarding his and Letterman’s plans for their post-retirement days which lie ahead. Obama said that he would love to play dominoes with Letterman. Then he also said that the two could visit Starbucks and exchange tall tales over a latte or two. 

Letterman was game. He said that he could play a mean game of dominoes. He even said that the president /4/think he was no good at dominoes but in fact he was an expert at handling the ins and outs of the strategies necessary in playing dominoes. Letterman further said that he might teach law in Columbia University. Obama quipped that he might end up in Letterman’s class as a student. It was all in good faith and humor. 

Towards the end of the show, Letterman got all serious and thanked Obama from the depth of his heart for attending the show. He said that having the president there and the First Lady on many occasions too was a delight and an honor. Letterman said that he felt like he knew Obama as every American felt in his or her bones too. 

Obama too appreciated Letterman’s immense contributions to the entertainment industry. He spoke of how coming home from the hectic schedule of soulless work and seeing Letterman on the boob tube was something that brought a smile to everyone’s face. Letterman, Obama said, was a personality they had all grew up seeing and he was a familiar sight. Letterman is to retire pretty soon. Stephen Colbert will take his place. 

Obama discussed the implications of racism in America. He said that the situation had improved markedly during his tenure. Although media and technology meant that the issue was more visible, that was the first step towards a solution…to acknowledge the problem. Obama also said that he was still a young man and would in actuality take some time before retiring for good. There were both moments of dead seriousness and lighthearted banter during the course of the program. 

Obama’s wife Michelle appeared on the show last week. The President and his spouse have been on the show many times already. But this is probably the last time since very little time is left before Obama’s stint in the White House comes to an end. 

Tonight: President Barack Obama has big retirement plans for Dave. Watch: by Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, /4/4, 2015


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