Project HoloLens: Microsoft aims to transform your World with its Holographic Goggles

Project HoloLens: Microsoft aims to transform your World with its Holographic Goggles

Credit: Microsoft
  • Microsoft introduced its new state-of-the-art Holographic Goggles.

Microsoft is all set to change the way we see the world with its Project HoloLens.

Microsoft has been for the past seven years engrossed in the development of its most ambitious creation, a head mounted holographic computer called Project HoloLens. Microsoft claims that within some months this state-of-the-art creation will be out in the market.

The headset currently is still a prototype and is being developed under the codename Project Baraboo or sometimes even ‘B’. This technology or thought can be traced back to Kinect. Kinect is a motion sensing Xbox accessory and the idea of the HoloLens can be traced to it. 

Microsoft wants people to transform the world they live in with holograms. The company wants to see a world where technology would become more personal and the digital lives of people would seamlessly connect with real life.

In order to achieve these goals, Microsoft has finally developed the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform. This platform will be enabled by Windows 10. The HoloLens by Microsoft will enable high definition holograms to come to life in a user’s world.

This will provide people with the opportunity to integrate with their physical places, spaces and other things. Holograms basically improve the way people do everyday things and enable them to do things which they could have never done before. 

These new holographic goggles by Microsoft will empower everyone to achieve more. The HoloLens will put the users at the center of a world that blends holograms with reality.

As people will be given the ability to design and shape holograms they will find new ways of expressing their creativity and feelings. The HoloLens will provide a more efficient way to teach and learn and a more effective way to visualize work.

Definitely after holograms are integrated into reality people will be delighted with the results and will make all the boring work fun and easy to complete.

With the help of holograms the digital content will be as real as the physical objects in the room and this will for the first time turn holograms into practical tools for handling chores in daily life. 

Moreover with the Microsoft’s Project HoloLens people will be able to join reality and virtual reality. This will be done by enabling the users to interact with three dimensional holograms that will be blended and be a part of a person’s real world.

This Microsoft technology is more than just a simple heads-up display. The high definition holograms that will be integrated with people’s real world will no doubt open new ways for them to communicate, create, express, work and play.

It seems that Microsoft is on the verge of changing the way people see the world around them today. Finally what Microsoft has always wanted to achieve will be completed with the creation of these state-of-the-art holographic goggles and there is no doubt that the HoloLens Project will be a great success just like Kinect. 


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