Puppy in GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad is Named Buddy

Puppy in GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad is Named Buddy

The name for the cute puppy in the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 ad has been selected. He is called Buddy. I liked the Domain name idea.

As reported the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 ad will star a puppy. GoDaddy presented the puppy who will star together with Danica Patrick in the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 ad earlier this week. GoDaddy says that the little cute puppy has an unproven talent, though he’s demonstrated a dynamic chemistry with the camera at the young age of just nine-weeks and that’s what landed the coveted Super Bowl role.

GoDaddy asked fans to name the puppy and the selected name is Buddy. Buddy has already his own web site at godaddybuddy.com. For some reason buddy’s web site can only be visited from within the United States.

Buddy is starting filming the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 commercial today.

The GoDaddy puppy is a male Golden Retriever was born in California in early October and has five siblings. He’s being trained by a Hollywood trainer who has worked with on-screen ducks, cows, squirrels and yes, dogs over the years. The GoDaddy puppy can “sit” and “stay” already, but is working on a much richer repertoire for his two-day on-location shoot outside Los Angeles. 

The GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 ad is called “Journey Home” and will reflect the journey of a small business owner. GoDaddy is not revealing plot specifics, but promises the commercial will be unpredictable and twist conventional Super Bowl advertising in a way that speaks to how GoDaddy helps make small business owners’ lives better by way of easy-to-use technology.

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