Rams Apology for Hands Up Gesture leads to Controversy

Rams Apology for Hands Up Gesture leads to Controversy

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Five of the Rams players who were Black Americans showed the hands up gesture employed by Ferguson protesters and this led to some controversy.

The coach of the Rams, Fisher, took on questions recently concerning the behavior of five players who showed the hands up gesture at a game. He said that he was a football coach and not a politician and so he wasn’t going to discipline the players since what they did was in accordance with their right to freedom of speech.

He did say this much that he would have a talk with each one of them later on and the contents of that talk would be strictly private and confidential. Coach Fisher said that he was not an expert or adept in the fine art of politics.

The only thing he was good at was leading by example and that too in the field of football moves and tackling. He said that he would leave the rest of the apologizing to the police department in Ferguson to the COO. After the hand gestures, the police department heads were absolutely furious.

They said that they were not going to support the Rams from now onwards and the insults they had to tolerate were simply too much. When Darren Wilson had been acquitted by the jury then why did these five foolish players have to stir up controversy once again and destroy the peace and law and order of Ferguson, Missouri?    

Officer Darren Wilson was accused of killing Michael Brown in cold blood. A grand jury acquitted the white police officer of the murder since the evidence pointed to the black teenager who was killed as having assaulted Darren.

Darren had acted in self defense. But the majority of the population of Ferguson consists of Black Americans and they are up in arms. Riots took place and the news reached everywhere including the White House from where President Obama issued a statement to the effect that such matters needed further and deeper scrutiny.

The question is how many Blacks will be killed by white police officers before there is a moratorium on the matter. Already Trayvon Martin was killed in a ruthless manner by a white cop about a year ago.

Such blatant racial discrimination was the cause of so much animosity between different ethnic groups. Yet what the players did was not so noble since that was not the platform to express such a sentiment. The St. Louis police department has asked for a formal apology from the Rams. 

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