Razer Nabu Smartband Sale will start on 2nd December

Razer Nabu Smartband Sale will start on 2nd December


Besides being a Smartwatch, the Razer Nabu Smartband is also a fitness band. The sales for this Smartband starts from the second of December and it is priced at $99.99.

Razer is the world’s leader in producing connecting devices and excellent software for games. The company recently announced that they will soon be launching a Smartband, a band which is not only a smartwatch but also a fitness band. The sales of this amazing Smartband will start from December 2nd. Initially, it will be available only on RazerStore and its subsequent retail stores, rather than all electronic retail stores. 

The Smartband was first introduced in January, 2014 and has been nominated as the best wearable of CES 2014. The band was able to get almost 50 percent of the votes during a show and it surpassed more than 40 similar products. The CEO and the co-founder of Razer, Min-Liang Tan said that Razer Nabu, the best social wearable, has gone through extensive developer testing and consumer testing.

He then said that in order to get error free device, the company has encouraged consumer feedback. In addition to this, he said that because of the meticulous testing and extensive feedback, the company has ensured that every features of the device will work without error. Some of the common features include fitness tracking, discreet notification, social capability and much more. 

This Smartband seems to be the lucky charm for Razer, as after its introduction the company has made tremendous progress. Right after the introduction the company released a beta program for all its hardcore fans. It then announced its partnership with some of the China’s biggest brands and lastly Razer was able to join hands with Apple. Razer and Apple worked together and came up with Apple’s Health App. 

In order to appreciate their customer support, Razer has planned to announce an early batch of 5000 Nabu units that will be available to all the fans who have placed a pre-order, according to sources. And to execute this idea, Razer has launched a community platform. To place an order, you get information from this platform. 

The Smartband will be available in various colors and sizes. You can either buy a small-medium Razer Nabu or you can buy a medium large Razer Nabu. Also, you can choose from the four available colors. These colors include white, green, black and orange. Other features that make Nabu stand out are its ability to resist water and its long battery life.

The Smartband can go on without recharging for almost 7 days. This device is compatible with all the Smartphone which has Android 4.3 or higher. It is also compatible with iPhone 5. In order to establish  connection with your smart phone, you need to have a Bluetooth. 

All your calls, texts, emails and many app notifications can be brought to your wrist from your phone through Nabu. This amazing wearable is going to hit the retail shelves on the 2nd of December in North America. The product is priced at $99.99. So, Don’t miss out your chance and grab this remarkable device. 

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