Reddit is Now Cracking Down on Harassment

The company is now cracking down on abusive behavior and it will go extreme lengths to stop harassment on Reddit.

The company said this on Thursday that they are cracking down on abusive behavior. This abusive behavior is keeping people from expressing their opinions. The company said that they are changing their practices so that they could prohibit attacks and harassment on individuals through Reddit.

The company’s Chief Executive Ellen Pao also said in an official blog that she was unhappy with harassing behavior on Reddit. She said that they had a survey data that showed them the abusive Reddit users.

The Chief Executive of Reddit was in the headlines early this year when she failed in her gender discrimination suit against a firm called Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. This firm was backed by Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Ellen Pao took control of Reddit after she was fired from this firm. Reddit said that the new changes were going to be noticeable to only a few portion of the users. These changes were made to prevent attacks against people and not ideas.

The Reddit team said that they have seen many conversations devolve into attacks against individuals. Reddit said that instead of promoting free expression of ideas they are seeing their policies stifling free expression.

The company also said that these days, people don’t like participating because they think that they could or their family could get into danger. So now Reddit is taking serious action for user safety. They don’t want to stop people from expressing themselves on the internet.

Twitter recently also took actions to implement new policies so that they could fight violence. They also started cracking down on abusive behavior and wanted an end to the harassment.

Now the users are also able to report abusive Twitter users. Twitter has expanded their staff and now they say that they are looking into five times more reports than they were before. Reddit will introduce similar features so that the users could start to feel safe on the social media website.

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