#RHOA is Trending because Apollo Nida hates Phaedra Parks

#RHOA is Trending because Apollo Nida hates Phaedra Parks

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November 23rd episode of The Real House Wives of Atlanta saw many developments. But the main thing is Apollo Nida’s statement in which he said that he despise everything about Phaedra Parks.

This Sunday’s ‘The Real House Wives of Atlanta’ we saw that the relation of Phaedra Sparks and Apollo Nida went from bad to worse. Apollo who is currently serving eight years in prison due to a bank fraud stated that he hated everything about his wife Phaedra but still loved her. This is Apollo’s second long term prison stay.

“Phaedra is very calculated,” said Nida. “I despise everything about her, but I still love her.”

Apollo recently met with an attorney to discuss about divorcing his wife before she divorces him. This is also due to the constant fights among the couple and on the morning of his jail sentencing, Phaedra abandoned him. Apollo in his conversation with the attorney told him that he had nothing left as the government had confiscated everything.

On the other hand Phaedra stated that her children are affected by Apollo’s actions and that if taking her two sons to the prison is going to traumatize them then she is not going to do it. Phaedra has also stopped her sons from meeting Apollo which has upset him. An insider had already revealed in July that the marriage was in jeopardy and that Phaedra is trying to contain it and protect her children.

Plus this episode also saw the new housewife Claudia Jordan enter the show. The gorgeous model and actress is Kenya’s longtime friend. She has come to Atlanta from Los Angeles to host the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and it seems as if she has no plans to leave. .

The former Price Is Right and Deal or No Deal model Claudia Jordan stated, “”I’m an alpha female. I hope to conquer Atlanta,” let’s see whether Claudia will bring any changes to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan also went on furniture shopping. 

Moreover Kenya Moore is now happy since her name has been cleared of Apollo Nida’s lies. We also saw that Porsha Williams sat down with Kandi and they told Phaedra what the truth. They explained to her that his husband was wrong and lied about Kenya.

Phaedra was quite shaken and said that she was eight months pregnant at that time and that now she should apologize to Kenya. Cynthia talking to her husband Peter Thomas expressed that it is time that Phaedra claims that she too was involved in the smear campaign by her husband Apollo.

Plus the lunch between Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey turned out into a fight. Williams who had arranged the lunch arrived one hour late. Bailey who was on time was furious over this act and told Williams that she was about to leave. ,Williams instead of apologizing said “Glad you could stay.” Williams is angry on Porsha as she did not invite her on a recent event and also for speaking against an anti-gay sermon that Williams gave. 

Let us see how events take shape in the upcoming episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. For that stay tuned!

Sources: People , HL

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