Robin Williams committed Suicide due to Depression, Parkinson’s and Paranoia

Robin Williams committed Suicide due to Several Factors

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The actor, Robin Williams committed suicide due to several factors. Depression, Parkinson’s and paranoia were just a few of them.

As the coroner’s report has it, Robin Williams suffered from Parkinson’s syndrome, anxiety attacks, depressive illness and paranoia. And these were some of the causes behind his desperate attempt to end his life which was unfortunately successful in the end. No one had suspected paranoia to be one of his pet peeves. 

A day before his death, he had placed several expensive watches in a sock and had given them away to someone to protect them from being stolen. These are classic paranoia symptoms. He also had over four drugs in his body as was evident from the report. These consisted of two antidepressants and two high caffeine mixtures. However, he was at the height of sobriety at the time when he decided to end his life.

Robin’s body was found in his house and he had died by asphyxiation. A bottle of Seroquel was nearby. It is normally prescribed for schizophrenia, bipolar and depression. The prescription for the drug was handed out seven days before his tragic death. Robin was above 60 when he killed himself by hanging himself via a belt. 

He had also tried to cut himself with a knife. There were hints of autoerotic asphyxiation among the clues that led to the reason behind the suicide. Apparently, Robin was upset by a movie scene in which such an act was shown. Robin had not watched television or read a single book for half the year which was a classic sign of depression. 

Robin had gotten hold of his iPad a day before his suicide. He had looked up several drugs on it including Lyrica. He also slept in a separate bedroom from his wife. The reason was that he constantly moved about in bed and also talked in his sleep. Robin had also contracted Parkinson’s and was suffering from its early symptoms. 

However, he never had any illegal drugs in his system at the time of his death. No alcohol or cocaine was found. The antidepressants had been prescribed and the caffeine drugs were perfectly legal. His widow denies that he had a history of auto-asphyxiation. 

Before he was found dead on the floor of his bedroom, Robin’s wife slipped a note underneath the door asking him if he was okay. When she received no reply, she popped the lock open using a paper clip and inside what she saw left her reeling. Robin was on the floor unconscious and he had killed himself via a belt around the neck. 

There had been no signs of suicidal ideation in Robin around the time of his death. He had in fact been quite excited. However, Robin had complained in the past regarding how his medications made him feel woozy. According to the autopsy, Robin had suffered from dementia as well. He is survived by his three kids. 

The family of the star plans to scatter his ashes over the San Francisco Bay region. This is as Robin Williams would have liked it to be. He wanted to be cremated after his death. Robin Williams appeared in several movies through a long career in Tinsel Town. 

One was “Dead Poet’s Society” where he played an inspirational English teacher whose heart beats to a different drum. And then there was “Good Will Hunting” where he enacts the role of a psychologist who gets a stuckup prodigy in the form of Matt Damon through his hangups. 

Robin was having a difficult time going to sleep during his last days on earth. He also suffered from severe anxiety which had disrupted his life. And some sort of Alzheimer’s-like symptoms were also present. Robin had suffered from depression throughout most of his life. He had led a very unhappy existence. 

Though he was the cause of so much hilarity and mirth among his fans and wellwishers, the fact was that he himself suffered excruciating pain and grief in his life. Now that he is no more all we can do is pray that his soul find the peace in the hereafter that it never found on earth.

Source: TMZ, Nydaily News, Radar Online

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