Rowan Atkinson is Selling $15 Million Car

Rowan Atkinson is Selling $15 Million Car

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  • Want to Buy a Car from Mr. Bean?
  • Rowan Atkinson is Selling Car for $15 Million.

Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson is expecting to sell his beloved Mclaren F1 for approximately $15 million.

Rowan Atkinson car is on sale. Atkinson, who starred as the popular chirpy Mr. Bean, is selling his McLaren F1. The multi-talented actor is expecting to sell his car for $15 million after it crashed twice. 

Rowan Atkinson is an actor, screenwriter, comedian, pilot and huge auto fanatic and a race enthusiast. Rowan, who began his career with a Radio show in 1978 called “The Atkinson People”.

Mr. Bean has also raced several cars including the prestigious Renault 5 GT Turbo. He is the second fastest celebrity to have lapped Top Gear‘s track. 

Rowan has twice been involved in accidents. The first one was in October 1999 in Cabus where he collided with an Austin Metro. Since it was a low speed hit there was not much damage.

The second one, most people will recall this, was when Atkinson hit a tree on a rainy night while driving home. Rowan survived the terrible accident with a minor shoulder injury but the car was heavily damaged. Reportedly it had also caught a fire when Atkinson lost control of it. 

The accident left the car completely wrecked. It turned out to be a super expensive fix. It took the mechanics a whole four weeks merely to calculate the repair costs. To bring it back to its factory state it took them one whole year.

But that’s not the most surprising part. Astonishingly the insurance company had to pay a whooping $1,44 million to get it repaired at the Mclaren workshop located in Surrey. That is undoubtedly the biggest repair bill ever recorded in the United Kingdom. After it was fixed the first thing Rowan did was to drive it. That’s what a car enthusiast would do right? 

He believes that it is depressing when cars are kept hidden away like an investment art or gold. Not using them is a crime. Well Rowan we agree with you there!

The car in question is a valuable possession and there are a number of reasons behind it. It is one of the only 63 built models. It has been with one owner since the beginning. And it counts as a huge plus point when the owner is a famous celebrity and a beloved actor. 

The car was bought 17 years ago. Upon being inquired by auto journalist Andrew Frank, Rowan admits to have very fond memories of that car. He says he has spent a very pleasurable time with that car. The most enjoyable thing to him was that how lovely it was to drive the car slowly when he first received it.

Rowan does not hesitate to shower praises on the car model and says that no other car has been designed with such imagination and clarity of thought. Comparing the 17 year old car with the modern beauties he calls the car tiny but able to comfortably seat three people along with luggage to cruise off to a holiday, a quality which today’s super cars lack.

Moreover he likes how the car keeps him on his toes whereas the modern cars make you feel more like a manager than a driver as they are so controlled. He refers to his ownership of the car as more of a partnership. 59-year-old Rowan Atkinson took the car to the Belgian Grand Prix last year.

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