Russell Brand refuses to attend Documentary Film Debut at SXSW

Russell Brand refuses to attend Documentary Film Debut at SXSW

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Russell Brand is known for his revolutionary activism and crazy lifestyle. He recently refused to attend a documentary film debut that dealt with his life story at the SXSW Festival.

Who does not know about the one and only Russell Brand. The boy who grew up with a mostly-absent father who would occasionally take his son to parties where there were strumpets available.

A lonely adolescent who watched his mother suffer from breast cancer. Then there was the sudden downward spiral into hardcore drugs and promiscuous sex that left Brand an addict and degenerate.

His recovery from this state of degradation by constant trips to rehab and transcendental meditation sessions led him to become an activist and an Occupy Wall Street proponent. He married Katy Perry only to divorce her after one year.

And finally his YouTube videos which preach revolution a la Che Guevera with the backwards sign for LOVE in the REVOLUTION so prominently visible. It seems here is a man who has seen it all and done it all too. 

But when a movie about his life was about to be made, although Russell did participate in its making, in the final analysis he backed out of the deal. So much so that he even refused to attend its premiere which took place in the SXSW Festival.

The director understood his motives and was sympathetic towards Russell Brand though. Brand explained in a post on his website that he was still a bit of a show-off but he had started becoming tired by now of the stickiness and crass nature of the mass media.

How it built you up only to tear you down in the end was something with which he was very familiar. Russell Brand further spoke of how when he saw parts of the documentary about his life he felt a lot of pain. Already his life had been one of a thousand painful moments and now watching it again had made those past wounds start bleeding once again.

Many of the wild and crazy shenanigans that Russell Brand took part in were documented. They included the time he was naked on top of a police van with a red flag of protest in his hand. Then there was the time he lashed out physically at an anchor while on a talk show on MSNBC.

Russell has really been through some very harrowing times and now that he has finally found some peace of mind he doesn’t want to lose his sanity again by re-viewing his old antics. So he excused himself and was absent from the SXSW Festival.  


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