Pamela Anderson, Serial Baby Killer, gets Restraining Order against Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson gets Restraining Order against Rick Salomon

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This temporary restraining order against Rick Salomon was given on the basis of domestic violence. But Rick also claims that Pamela Anderson is a “serial baby killer.”

Pamela Anderson reported for a restraining order against Rick Salomon her husband. She was given the restraining order as she claimed that her husband tried to strangle her and smother her with a pillow during sex. Her husband said that Pamela had killed many babies through abortion.

TMZ received Pamela Anderson’s legal documents. It looks like Pamela Anderson wants a divorce from her husband whereas Rick Salomon has filed for an annulment. Here is the reason why Rick is claiming for annulment.

There was an email in Pamela’s legal documents that Rick sent her. Rick had said that she was a serial killer to her husbands and that she should be locked up in a jail. He also said that Pamela begged him to get her pregnant when they were married. And when she did get pregnant, she decided that she was going to terminate the pregnancy.

Pamela’s legal documents also included a text from Rick to her in which Rich said that she never told him that she had redacted a baby when she was married to kid rock. So it seems Pamela begged kid rock to get her pregnant and then she aborted the baby.

Pamela claims that she and her husband were having sex in January and then suddenly Rick flew into a rage. He started spitting in her face and had put a pillow over her face and tried to strangle her. Pamela also said that whenever Rick loses money in poker, he get nasty and he starts to call her words like, crack whore, ugly old bitch and slut.

Pamela Anderson also has an email in which Rick calls her a fraud because she eats fish and shrimp and that stinks up their house. Rick is also offended that she cooks pork for their kids and the fact that she owned a pig for almost 10 years. If Pamela gets divorced, this will be her third time. The couple decided to split up in February.


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