Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively don’t want to Reveal Daughter’s Name

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively don't want to Reveal Daughter's Name

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  • Ryan Reynolds is Adamant About Not Revealing His Baby Girl’s Name on the Record.

Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively are fully aware of the media glare upon their lives and they have decided not to put that on their newborn daughter’s life whose birth date and name are still being kept secret.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were too hot a couple to ever be married and they proved to be an epiphany of marital bliss when they were expecting a child earlier last year. Despite a baby bump, Blake still managed to look as beautiful as ever and the couple welcomed their little baby into the world later last year and it was a girl.

That is all we know of the baby. Yes, the little baby Reynolds is still under wraps. While couples like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are sharing everything about Wyatt, their daughter. Ryan and Blake has not revealed the birth date of their baby, let alone her name.

Recently promoting Woman of Gold (starring Helen Mirren), the 38 years old actor talked on the Late Night Show with David Letterman. While David asked about Ryan’s daughter to confirm it was Violet as per the rumors. Ryan was kind enough to confirm that it was not. The couple had picked out a name that was not common. 

Meanwhile, he said that he was not going to reveal her name on national TV and he had a rational reason for not doing so. According to Ryan, she can’t do any harm right now but when she will be a teenager and old enough to blame them for revealing her name openly to public and making her a public figure, she will be able to exact her revenge on them. And that kind of revenge would be, to quote him, “mind searing pain”. 

He said that he and Blake are both aware of the media glare upon their lives and they don’t intend to put their baby into it. They want to protect her as far as possible. As for the name, Ryan said they’ve been talking to people and they’re telling whoever they meet, so it will be out there eventually. He however is not going to put her name on record for the world to see and her when she’s older.


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