Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch Scores High In Teardown

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch scores high in teardown

Source: ifixit

The smartwatch attained a repair-ability score of 8/10.

How simple are watches to repair? Mechanical watches take years for a watchmaker to take in his ability, however advanced smartwatches appear to be a ton less demanding if the Samsung Gear 2 is any implication. ifixit disassembled it rapidly and provided for it a high 8/10 repairability score. That is extremely amazing for an Ip67-ensured watch. 

The most critical and simple to do at home repair is changing the wrist strap. On the Gear 2, the wrist strap falls off effectively since the camera has been proceeded onward the gadget itself, not at all like on the first Galaxy Gear. There are four torx screws and some meddlesome remaining between you and the internals of the smartwatch. There’s not a considerable measure inside, acknowledging this gadget packs an AMOLED screen, a double center chipset, HD camera and a heart rate screen. 

Most segments are not difficult to uproot, with the exception of the screen which is intertwined into a whole gathering that will need to be swapped if the screen is harmed. Other than that, ifixit had no grievances.

Source: ifixit

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