Samsung Kitchen Appliances get a Boost at CES 2015

Samsung Kitchen Appliances get a Boost at CES 2015

  • Samsung Brings a New Level of Engagement and Innovation to Kitchen Appliances at CES 2015

At the CES 2015 if there was one thing that got a boost in matters of public image it was a range of kitchen appliances from the one and only Samsung.

Samsung Electronics was and is a pioneer in home appliances. Especially where the kitchen is concerned, it has introduced quite a few gadgets that make life easier for the ordinary housewife or even working woman who has little time left behind to devote to cooking meals and cleaning the dishes.

Chefs and amateur cooks will be hopping glad that Samsung came out with solutions for their culinary experiences at the CES 2015. From blenders to electric cookers and food processors not to mention cooking ranges, dishwashers and refrigerators…it is all grist for the mill.

Among some of these gadgets are a two door even. It got displayed at the CES 2015. All the better to cook roast chicken in. And then there is a counter depth refrigerator. That too is a miracle of science and technology at the CES 2015.

The consumer base is getting more and more creative regarding its experimentation with different cuisines. Gastronomy holds more meaning than astronomy in today’s world after all. 

At the CES 2015, new and innovative designs in kitchen appliances got explored and the audiences that attended the event were surprised not to mention bedazzled by the whole shebang. Samsung is already into the cooking experience.

A year ago it began the Club des Chefs, a program that got all the world’s chefs together on one platform and started a revolution in good taste. State-of-the-art kitchen regalia that make cooking a treat instead of a chore is what this company is into.

And the CES 2015 sure displayed the wide range of goods that gave quality an inferiority complex. The Flex Duo Dual Door oven is one example of a great thing that just got better. It will come in the market in spring of this year.

That will be ideal for making spring chicken. Then the induction heating device with virtual flame technology makes boiling, broiling, baking or roasting a walk in the park.

Meanwhile, the counter depth refrigerator is also called the T9000 and has a fridge in a freezer. The Samsung counter depth T9000 will be available in Spring 2015.

The Samsung Flex DuoTM Oven Range with Dual DoorTM will be available in Spring 2015. Samsung Chef Collection App will be available for download in Spring 2015. The Samsung Chef Collection Slide-In Induction Range is available now.

Finally, there are several new choices in appliances that will make your day. You just need to wait till the season of the birds and the flowers (spring) when you can buy a latest Samsung kitchen appliance. 

More CES 2015 highlights can be found in our CES 2015 News Hub. The CES 2015 begins officially on January 6 and ends on January 9, 2015 in Las Vegas. The CES 2015 announcements and news are though pouring in since end of 2014. The big topics at the CES 2015 are 4k Ultra HD TVs, wearables, robotics and cars technology.

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