Samsung Reportedly Revealing New Tizen-Powered Camera At CES 2015

Samsung Reportedly Revealing New Tizen-Powered Camera at CES 2015

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The NX500 camera, which is the successor of the NX300M, will be unveiled at January’s big event

The rumor about Samsung revealing new devices at CES 2015 is continuing to be strengthened, as a new report claims that the company will introduce a new Tizen-based camera in the next month.

The report has been published by SAMMOBILE, stating that the company is busy developing the Tizen-powered NX500 camera, which is the upgraded version of NX300M.

The NX300M camera is being equipped with a 3.31-inch OLED screen and a 20.3-MP lens. It also features the mirror-less setup and optical image stabilization option. Being available in South Korea, the price of the device was set at 890,000 won or $835. Despite the camera was never launched in the US, the new NX500 is expected to be available to the American consumers.

The configuration of the NX500 camera is still unknown. However, the device is expected to feature greater resolution than its predecessor.



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