Samsung topples Apple as America’s #1 Smart Phone Brand

Samsung topples Apple as America’s #1 Smart Phone Brand

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Samsung has toppled Apple as America’s #1 smart phone brand.

The current year which is about to end was not one of the favorites of Samsung. The Galaxy S5 didn’t make it into the stratosphere. And its sales were pretty dismal as well. Plus a 60% drop in profits hit the company hard leading to widespread discontent and a soul searching as to what had gone wrong. Nevertheless it is not all bad news for Samsung.

As 2015 begins its debut, Samsung is a winner in one thing. And that is that it has overtaken its major rival Apple in the popularity game. Samsung is currently America’s #1 brand and is quite well-liked by most Yanks.

America’s Consumer Satisfaction Index showed that Times Warner and Comcast are disliked by most Americans. And although Apple’s iPhones 6 and 6 Plus were the really “in” things, the company saw a drop in fame which had many hidden causes.

On the other hand, Samsung’s products had their unique qualities which made them the darlings of the Americans. This is a chance that Samsung cannot afford to miss. It is a golden opportunity for the smart phone maker to up the ante on its production and distribution of goods.   

The list that has been compiled by the Index goes like this…Samsung Electronics is at the top. As a South Korean conglomerate, it holds the ground and has spread its influence throughout the world.

Then of course for the first time at #2 is Apple, Steve Jobs’ brainchild and wonder organization. It holds the rights to innovation and seamless product design that are the best in the global village.

The rest of the companies that are trailing behind these two are: Nokia, Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, LG, Kyocera and many others. It seems that the competition between Samsung and Apple is going to get tough and tougher as the times progress.

They will be trying to out-create and out-innovate each other. Yet victory will go to the swift and tactful. The consumers have a short memory so they will have to be on their best behavior.

Every new product that is churned out will have to pass the stringent test of the public which is seldom forgiving in its idiosyncrasies. Even the slightest fault will be pounced upon like crazy by the consumerists and so both companies ought to take this lesson to heart that they had best be doing their level best to manufacture high quality goods and services. Otherwise all their efforts would have been in vain.

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (via BGR) released the latest states table that is given below.

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