Samsung unveils Tizen Powered SUHD TV at CES 2015

Samsung unveils Tizen Powered SUHD TV at CES 2015

  • Samsung SUHD TV Revolutionizes the Viewing Experience.

Samsung debuts its innovative SUHD TV at the CES 2015. And this Samsung SUHD TV starts a new TV era with proprietary Samsung display technology, SUHD re-mastering engine and Smart TV functions powered by Tizen.

It’s been almost a decade since Samsung Electronics has been fulfilling the information and entertainment needs of its consumer base on a worldwide level. This time around at the CES 2015, a range of SUHD TVs got displayed.

Samsung’s  Tizen powered SUHD TV is a big achievement along the way in the UHD department. The salient features it possesses include superb image quality, cool contrast, brilliant lights and a rainbow color spectrum. The remastering engine of this baby lends its viewers a wonderful visual experience.

As for the fashionable arc design, it lends more participatory viewing as was shown at the CES 2015. This is the very sort of experience that can lead to the holograms of the future where the viewers will actually be a part of the environment they are looking at.

The power of Tizen lies behind this. Tizen is an open-source platform that supports the web standard for TV app development. Samsung is definitely pushing the envelope as far as going where no other conglomerate has gone before is concerned. It has the action and it has the motion. The consumer base can select Samsung Electronics SUHD TVs with their eyes closed since they are reliable products. 

The environment-friendly, nano-crystal, remastering engine of the SUHD TV is such that it surpasses all others. It was displayed at the CES 2015 that the color sample that gets expressed is 64 times more brilliant and eye-catchingly good.

Samsung’s JS9500 SUHD TV

As for the brightness, it is 2.5 times more illuminating than the run of the mill, ordinary television sets. Samsung has cooperated with 20th Century Fox to come up with new content for its SUHD TV range. Especially the curved design at the CES 2015 made for a new form of smart TV that was a stunner.

Among some of the features /4/be included: quick responses, quick connect and Bluetooth Low Energy technology, a plethora of packages that will lend hours of pleasurable viewing, Samsung Sports Live platform for the game conscious crowd, a Milk Video Platform and many more. Ultimately, television history is being remade at the CES 2015.

All of Samsung’s 2015 Smart TVs, including the new SUHD TV, will be powered by Tizen. Samsung’s all new Tizen-powered Smart TVs offers new features. Due to Tizen, Samsung’s 2015 Smart TV lin-upalso will also allow consumers intuitive access, a more integrated entertainment experience, and more choices for content than ever before.

  • Samsung’s Smart Hub has an all new user interface that is more responsive and playful. It will offer users easier access to their required content. 
  • Samsung also has Quick Connect feature for all of its 2015 Smart TVs through which the TVs can automatically recognize Samsung smartphones using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. This featue makes sharing quick and easy for users from their Samsung smart phones to their Smart TVs. And users can also watch TV content using their smartphones without any app.
  • Samsung’s Tizen-powered Samrt TV users will be able to stream UHD movies and TV shows from providers such as Amazon, Comcast, DIRECTV, M-GO, and Netflix. Samsung also added a new UHD movie download service using its previous UHD Video Pack in partnership with M-GO, a premium TVOD service and joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation. This download service is based on the SCSA (Secure Content Storage Association) standards. Samsung said that this new service will offer the highest quality content for both Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs in current year.
  • Another feature is there for the sports lover. Samsung Sports Live allows users to watch live games along with the ability of checking team and player stats on the same screen simultaneously. 
  • Samsung Milk Video service is also available now for 2015 Smat TV users. Through Samsung Milk Video, consumers can seamlessly discover, collect, and share all of the best online videos. 
  • Samsung also adds an alarm feature to wake  you up on time. Samsung’s 2015 Tizen-powered Smart TV will now act as an alarm to wake-up the owners with Briefing on TV. Samsung Smart TVs will sync up with Samsung mobile devices and turn on on the set alarm time and display important items such as the time, weather and your schedule with a large screen for the day.
  • Samsung’s Tizen powered Smart TVs are now become part of a much larger content ecosystem that will make  the collaboration easy with a number of partners for ultimate flexibility and unparalleled access.
  • Tizen’s compatibility with other devices establishes Samsung’s Smart TVs as the control center of any Smart Home. Samsung’s new Smart TV with Tizen redefines the entertainment experience and sets really high standard for future Smart TVs.

Samsung will offer three new series of SUHD TVs; JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500, in 9 screen sizes from 48” to 88”.  To see these and more new and innovative Samsung products first-hand at CES 2015, visit the Samsung Booth in Central Hall, Booth #11906.

More CES 2015 highlights can be found in our CES 2015 News Hub.

The very game changer that is the SUHD TV will surely lead to a new era and cornucopia of amenities at your fingertips. The remote control through which you will be handling the SUHD TV will make everything and anything possible at the simple feather touch of a button or two. Now that is what we call class!  

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