Sarah Palin Channel Wardrobe Controversy Video was a Publicity Stunt?

Sarah Palin Channel Wardrobe Controversy Video was a Publicity Stunt?

Sarah Palin Channel (YouTube Video)

  • Sarah Palin Channel Video of Wardrobe Controversy was an Accident or a Publicity Stunt?

Most people are talking about the one term governor’s show of skin on live channel. Sarah Palin ran for the Vice President’s office and after loosing the election has voiced her Pro-Christian values against liberals. The Sarah Palin channel wardrobe malfunction video is being questioned as a publicity stunt.

When we talk about Sarah Palin, we think Alaskan governor, former Vice president candidate and the sweet lady on the Sarah Palin channel. She is sharing her family experiences in Alaska like gold mining, fishing, farming etc. So when we hear Sarah Palin, we think about a dedicated American woman of tradition and values. 

When it comes to American values, what is better than Christmas? For Sarah Palin, the American Christmas has been under threat by the liberals and atheists and she has talked about her opinion about the subject in her latest book.

For emphasis, she went on to the Sarah Plain channel to do a special Christmas feature. Little did she know that this special will become the Sarah Palin video on the entire Sarah Palin channel.

While she was making her version of the blueberry pie, she kneaded the dough in the process of which her sweater slid down her arms and revealed her lacy undergarment, her bronzed skin and ample glimpse of her cleavage. While the incident was quickly covered by her, the people don’t seem to be in the mood to forget about it.

There now seems to be a distinction in what are actually thinking about the Sarah Palin wardrobe malfunction video. Some tweeters are using titles such as ‘ho ho ho’ to describe the wardrobe malfunction.

Some people think it was a deliberate attempt for Sarah Palin to get some more publicity. Her popularity has been rising gradually from the last election and many people think that if she stays in the news long enough she might be able to run for office again. If that happens to be her strategy, then we have to question her methods of gaining attention. 

Of course most people giving their opinions have only seen the picture of the wardrobe malfunction or the brief video clip that it slid down. They have not watched the entire video, which puts them at a mistake.

The design of her sweater happens to be a drop shoulder one i.e. her shoulders were bare and had a low cut neck. She might have just bent down a little too much and the sweater might have slid a little which was a good chance for opportunists to blow it out of proportions.

Sarah Palin is yet to give a statement on the wardrobe malfunction video which will hopefully clear the doubts as to what actually happened. If she remains mute on the subject, it can be feigned as a sign that Sarah Palin actually staged the malfunction to gain media attention.

Watch the Sarah Palin Channel Video of Wardrobe Malfunction below.

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