‘Scandal’ Episode ‘The Lawn Chair’ Focuses on Racial Injustice

‘Scandal’ Episode ‘The Lawn Chair’ focuses on Racial Injustice

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Last night’s episode of ‘Scandal’ was inspired from the real life Ferguson case and how Police are biased in their dealings regarding race!

Last night’s episode of Scandal heavily focused on the shooting of a 17 years old black boy by a white police officer and made multiple similarities to the real life Ferguson case. The purpose of the episode was undeniably to question the racial discrimination still prevalent in the United States.

After a cop shoots down a boy named Brandon in full view of neighbors, his body remains at the spot for an entire hour until Olivia is called on the scene to sort out the mess. The show took a turn from reality when the father of the dead boy comes out yielding a shotgun and stands vigil over his son’s dead body until the cop responsible for the killing answers.

The situation is escalated when Marcus Walker a social activist joins the scene. Walker is shown as a Georgetown educated social activist who has come back to strengthen his community. Walker is aggressive and extremely charismatic and shown in the scene when Olivia accuses him of wanting revenge instead of justice to which he blatantly agrees and instead condemns Olivia for not wanting the same outcome.

Scandal was a show previously thriving upon the mysteries of power and money but this is the first time racial tension and the tyranny of the white on the black man has entered the dynamics of the D.C. community. Walker’s character is an excellent guilty conscious to Olivia status as a black woman and tries to instigate her racial pride into choosing sides. 

Throughout the series we have seen Olivia trying to do the right things against all odds so it was not a surprise when she censures the police for trying to obstruct the press and disperse the protesters. It became clear after some time the cops were more concerned with their image and Olivia retaliated in her own way.

The intense lines delivered by Olivia was a perfect representation of the situation when she told the stated just the fact if a group is not saying something you do not like it does not make them a mob but Americans. 

Finally as opposed to real life a camera footage was found that detailed how Brandon was mercilessly shot by Officer Newton and how a knife was planted on his body giving his Brandon’s father closure and ending the vigil.

When Officer Newton is confronted by Olivia as to the moral ramifications of what he did, the officer went on a shocking rant against black people who are supposedly responsible for all the crimes and simply whined how he does not get respect. 


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