Scandal Shows The Political Motivations Of Olivia And Her Father

Scandal Shows the Political Motivations of Olivia and Her Father

The recap of the Scandal series on television shows the political motivations of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her father. Daddy Pope is on to other goals in this episode.

Politics is the name of the game in the series titled Scandal. Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington is into fighting for the rights of a rape victim. And she wants justice at all costs. And Huck and Quin do their best to force Russell to tell them what the word Foxtail which is a mystery stands for. But it is no go. The ins and outs of the dramatic series can get to be too much for a simple mind to handle sometimes. 

It’s getting down to the wire on tonight’s new #Scandal, and Olivia Pope must decide just how far she’s willing to go to take Rowan down.Posted by Scandal on Thursday, /4/7, 2015

The maelstrom begins when a female officer in the army accuses someone else of raping her. Olivia takes on her case and tells the court many things it does not want to hear. Then there is the sheer brutality and dead end of the torture scene that reminds one of something out of an Orwellian nightmare. When Olivia ran into Russell, it was case of the chemistry between them being just right. 

We found out #WhoShotFitz, we discovered #WhoIsTheMole, we learned about #OperationRemington…TONIGHT we find out #WhatIsFoxtail! Don’t miss #Scandal at 9|8c.Posted by Scandal on Thursday, /4/7, 2015

Meanwhile, Mellie is running for office. But she has to bite off more than she can chew in the effort to win the women’s vote in the Senate elections. Russell is unloosened from his tight position as torture victim and he himself later on says that they can put him back in his place if they want.  

Crazy realizations! Papa Pope knows how to make the perfect agent!#ScandalPosted by Scandal on Thursday, /4/7, 2015

Olivia on the other hand fights like a warrior for the rape victim who is named Amy. It’s tough bringing out the proof needed to get the person who harmed her behind bars. Mellie has Papa Pope buying her out so she forgoes her best interests. That is because he has a caboodle of cash in his hands. 

Real talk amongst spies!!!#ScandalPosted by Scandal on Thursday, /4/7, 2015

In the end what emerges as the new situation is one of Olivia Pope and her pops having serious differences between them. Ultimately, it is a game of waiting for Russell to wear out from pain that Olivia, Huck and Quinn are playing in the background. 

Titled “A Few Good Women”, which is a play on the original “A Few Good Men”, a movie that came out in the past, this episode is all about Olivia and Mellie as they go about their usual business in pursuit of individual agendas. It shows the mirror to politics and all things political. The dark and dirty nature of the governmental game of musical chairs is shown in all its nasty panoply of horrors. 

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