Sean Penn: ‘I’m surprised to be in love’

Sean Penn: ‘I’m surprised to be in love’

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Sean Penn is in love and if he marries Charlize he will consider it his first marriage despite being married twice before!

In a recent interview with Esquire magazine Sean Penn revealed some surprising views regarding his love life. It’s no surprise that Penn has had quite a colorful married life. However the twice married 80’s Brat pack alum doesn’t consider his previous marriages.

The veteran actor was married to Madonna in 1985 and divorced in 1989. His second marriage was to Robin Wright in 1996 and they had two children together; however they also divorced by 2010. 

Nowadays Sean Penn is in a relationship with actress Charlize Theron and he considers being in love a surprise, ‘Yeah, I’m surprised to be in love’. Penn considers being married again to Theron but he considers it to be his first marriage rather than third, ‘I wouldn’t even consider it a third marriage, I’d consider it a first marriage’.

Penn further explained his statement in Esquire UK’s March edition, ‘I’ve been married twice before but I’ve been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today.’ 

Penn had a whirlwind marriage to Madonna but is on very friendly terms with her now. When asked about his exes his statement was, I’m very friendly with my first ex-wife (Madonna).

I would say that I’m on extremely good terms with the children I share with my second ex-wife.’ The statement was a bit evasive on the current situation with his second ex-wife Robin Wright and all is probably not well on the ex-front.

Even though Penn spent a lot of time helping in Haiti in the aftermaths of the earthquake he doesn’t consider himself a ‘Humanitarian’ and feels quite hostile towards associating the word with him. Penn believes his efforts during the ‘Haiti’ incident were purely ‘accidental’ and has a very down to earth view about his work.

Penn also commented upon his love of film-making. Recently Penn has been spending his time not acting but making a movie. His movie entitled ‘The Last Face’ will be released soon. When asked why his movies are Dark?

Penn replied that he believes his movies not be dark but to be about realities and said, ‘The movie I just made is anything but that (Dark). It’s tough, because the world of it is tough. But it’s about beauty, and it’s about love.’ Penn’s son Hopper 21 is starring role in his latest movie and Penn considers his son ‘Talented’ and ‘Happy’.

Penn ended the interview saying. ‘I’m just another asshole trying to feel good about himself. And why shouldn’t I? That’s what everybody should try to do. I can be happy-go-lucky, too.’

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