Selena’s Death 20 Years Ago still provokes Mixed Response from Dad

Selena’s Death 20 Years Ago still provokes Mixed Response from Dad

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It was two decades ago that the famous singer Selena’s death took place. Yet the festivities and remembrance protocols still provoke a mixed response from her dad.

The Queen of Tejano was murdered less than two dozen years ago. And her fans and admirers still celebrate her memory with all sorts of festivals and song and dance. Yet her father who loved her dearly has mixed feelings about all this.

Abraham as was his name told StarTribune that while he appreciated the concern  and heroine worship, in his culture and religion there were no such things as birthdays and celebrations of death anniversaries.

He especially didn’t want others to get the idea in their heads that it was he and her relatives who were behind the whole shebang. He in fact went ahead and said that it was sort of crazy since his daughter had been murdered and there was really nothing to celebrate.

If people chose to commemorate her memory they ought to remember that for her family each day without her in their lives was like summer without water. It was a tragedy of the highest order that had occurred, and he and her family thought of her each and every single day and not just on special occasions. 

Selena started out as a child singer. She joined a band formed by her father who still remembers the cute little girl that was his daughter in fond words today. In 1998, she was murdered in cold blood by Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her Fan Club.

As for her last album which came out after her demise, it broke all records and remained on the Billboard Charts for almost a year’s time. Her killer Yolanda is serving a life sentence in prison. There has been one special carnival that has been given the stamp of approval by Selena’s father willy-nilly.

Many states such as Colarado, Arizona, Nevada and California will commemorate her memory via a number of functions. Selena /4/be with us no longer but she remains firmly embedded in the hearts and minds of her fans and aficionados.

She was indeed a rare jewel of a person and it was a loss of a lifetime to have her murdered so brutally by a person who belonged to her own original fan club. Our heart goes out to her dad Abraham and her entire extended family. /4/they rest assured that her soul is at peace in heaven. 


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